Smoke Too Much: Sobering Up from Being Too High

19 Jun 2021

From enthusiastic amateurs to daily marathon professionals, everyone will get so high once in a while that the earth is shaking and the clouds are drowning. An intense high sensation can begin immediately after smoking or half an hour after ingesting edibles. Mixing for example weed and alcohols can also lead to a high that you might want to do something about it. 

 Being too high can be entertaining, both for yourself and for friends. As long as you are merely laughing out loud or rolling down the floor because your friend's purse is pink, that's fine. But sometimes it can get pretty unpleasant or uncomfortable. Perhaps you just overestimated yourself, or simply, you are a low-tolerance consumer. Blame it on the moon.  When you get in a situation where you basically green out, the world might seem it's falling apart. Stay calm if you can and remember that you can't overdose to death from cannabis. It's just this sick feeling you have to get rid of.  Hopefully, it won't come to do that, but below are some helpful, friendly tips to overcome any crisis if it occurs.

How Does It Feel To Be Too High?

You feel like everybody is talking behind your back or maybe you think you’ve lost your phone and you check your pockets over and over again. Movie night can turn into a real psycho-drama. Anxious, panicked, paranoid, and confused, accompanied by constant sweating. When is this agony going to come to an end? It’s Einstein’s theory of relativity in practice: a few minutes feel like an eternity, but the symptoms of “greening out” (imbibing too much cannabis) will be gone within minutes or few hours, and this will be another “roasting” subject to discuss with your friends the morning after. Bad symptoms and side effects depend on how you consume the weed (whether you are smoking, inhaling, dubbing or doing edibles), how much you use and how much you can actually handle. Sometimes you will realize you have overused pot the next day when you have to deal with a hangover similar to alcohol. At other times, you know you are done immediately.

It's Good To Know Your Limits

In order to know this, you must have been over the edge once. We learn by our mistakes (or if you are smart, on others), and if you don’t want the previous paranoid episode, be a bit prepared. If you have the urge to experiment for some reason, do that in a comfortable company, where you feel safe and relaxed. Being anxious among strangers at a festival can ruin your next thrill. Don’t be greedy, especially when it comes to edibles. Be patient and wait at least half an hour to take the next piece or don't take another at all. The recommended amount is 10 mg or even less if you are a beginner here. When it comes to vaping: avoid sitting and smoking for an hour if you are only an occasional smoker.

First Aid Water and Food

Stick with water. You might feel really beer thirsty, but what you actually need is hydrate. Too much THC can shock the body and you are wrong to think alcohol can help you. Alcohol increases THC blood concentration. So, the worst you can do to your body at this point is nabbing down glass after glass.  Try grazing some fruits, nuts or cheese to reconnect with reality. Stick to simple foods. Pizza, chips, chocolate is also good. And lemon is particularly helpful when you end up being too high. A lesser-known property of lemon is that it can reduce anxiety, so try juicing it out. Another classic is black pepper. A sniff should offer some relief and comfort from over sensations.

Get Some Rest

No matter where your chain of thoughts goes, no matter in which dark chamber of your mind you crawl, remember that the feeling will go away. Take a deep breath and focus on some sound. Lay for a bit in your favourite position and try to fall into a sweet nap. Just thinking of it can be relaxing too. If you can’t rest, take a short walk. If you feel your steps are a bit too nervous, don’t force yourself. A quick walk around your neighbourhood will do.  Take a quick shower with hot water with your favourite body shower gel to dissipate the unpleasant side effects.


At some point, you might want to distract yourself from thinking how stoned you are. Watching a funny cartoon with birds and rabbits and stuff could help you come back to your senses.  Play some music, but definitely avoid heavy stuff like Wagner. Try drawing if this is your thing.  Play video games, but choose some effortless type. Tetris is always a good idea, but for some people, if you already feel sick, screen time will make you sicker.  If you are with friends, share with them your sensations. Anxiety is genuine when it's shared. 

CBD and Other Meds

CBD is a popular anti-anxiety medicine, so if your pot made you extra anxious, try calming down with CBD.  CBD counteracts receptor signalling associated with THC and helps you calm down.  Don't underestimate the power of meds such as ibuprofen either. Ibuprofen can reduce muscle tension and can regulate body temperature. 

Ask for Medical Advice

Finally, you can always ask for medical advice. Or, in extremely rare cases, you might end up seriously needing some medical attention. Doctors should respect your privacy no matter what inquiry you make.  Maybe the white uniform will calm you down, and maybe you impress some of the staff on the night shift. But hopefully, it won’t be necessary for this type of assistance. If Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog didn’t make the flashing headlines with overconsumption, trust us, you won’t get there either.