Rihanna & Weed: A Look Back

Liz Filmer
21 Feb 2024

Until recently Rihanna was famously vocal about her love of cannabis and has had her fair share of stoner-friendly experiences. From being kicked out of hotels after tipping the smoke alarm to rolling blunts on a bodyguard’s bald head.

Born in Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20, 1988, Robyn Rihanna FentyBarbados rose to fame in the mid-2000s, signing with Def Jam Records in 2005. Since then, Rihanna has dropped eight succesful studio albums and remains popular still today although her last album came out in 2016. In total she has amassed record sales of over 250 million worldwide, making her one of the best-selling artists on the planet. 

Rihanna also recently performed at the prestigious Super Bowl half time show in 2023, using the opportunity to also reveal her second pregnancy with fellow music star A$AP Rocky. Music career aside, Rihanna has had big success with her brand Fenty Beauty and lingerie line Savage X Fenty.

Back in 2010, Rihanna made headlines after being kicked out and banned from ahotel in Barbados for smoking weed and setting off the fire alarm.

In 2011 Rihanna’s became bold about her love of weed, with the message clearly made through fashion statements featuring weed leaf emblems.

Later that year when Rihanna released the classic, and critically acclaimed album Talk That Talk, fans were treated to an image of the singer in black and white mid exhaling a big cloud of weed smoke. In the music video for “We Found Love,” the singer was shown smoking alongside her dancers.

Probably one of the most memorable photos of Rihanna is the one where she was caught rolling a blunt on her bodyguard’s bald head whilst perched on his shoulders at Coachella 2012. A relatable move as we have all been caught in a spot where we have had to roll with whats available!

In 2015, there was a rumor circulating that Rihanna was poised to enter the lucrative celebrity cannabis market, however, her reps soon confirmed that this was not true. Around this same time Rihanna confessed that she was in fact, trying to quit weed.

Mid-concert in Detroit, the singer called to the crowd “I gotta say one thing: I smell some weed!, I’ve been trying to be a good girl, I try not to smoke.” When her aggrieved fans reacted to this news, she responded, “I know, I’m corny, I’m boring!”

Since having her second baby with A$AP Rocky in 2023 it is not known whether Rihanna has completely quit weed but she still remains one of the biggest female celebrity advocates of cannabis in recent years.

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