Raspberry Boogie

15 Dec 2020

Extracts from the Bud diaries

Each issue we dive into the pages of Soft Secrets writer Rich Hamilton’s Personal Bud Diary.
GENETICS - Indicia heavy Hybrid, – 60% Indica, 40% sativa. Raspberry Boogie is made from a cross of Sour Raspberry and Pink 2.0. GROW INFO – Grown indoors with 600W HPS lights. Mineral nutrients. Hand fed in Coco coir. Raspberry Boogie is an easy to grow short stocky plant, which yields are considered to be around the medium mark. Some like to keep this strain in VEG for an extra week to try and maximize its height before switching it in to FLOWER. This particular bud was grown from a first generation clone which came from a seed grown Mother. PICKED UP FROM - South Birmingham, ENGLAND, U.K raspberry-boogie FLOWER – Raspberry Boogie has compact heads made up of large calyxes that are dripping in resin. The buds present themselves as a light bright green with beautiful rich dark raspberry reds and intense velvety purple colours that are a direct genetic trait of the Pink 2.0. Finally a dusting of orange and white flecks completes this masterpiece. Broken up by hand, the buds texture is light sticky and spongy. The bud itself is covered in sticky white and amber trichomes, which completely coat your fingers. The inside of the bud is packed with colour and looks completely different when broken down but that’s ok as we all know that it is what’s inside that counts and this bud does not disappoint. ODOUR - Raspberry Boogie has a very distinct, strong, rich and deep fruity smell with notes of citrus. Strange as it sounds there were also leathery overtones, which stirred up vivid memories of my grandfathers beloved old chesterfield sofa that I used to curl up on and watch Columbo on, on a cold Saturday afternoon as a kid! Which if I’m honest just made me a fan from the start. When the bud is broken apart the intense smell filled the room instantly like a blanket of dankness draped across my senses. I love this Raspberry boogie and its signature smell. Truly a stand out bud. CONSUMED - Smoked straight (no tobacco) with a non-bleached king size slim rolling papers and an organic hemp hand rolled single fold roach. Lit with a lighter. Long deep draws in with a clean white long exhale of smoke. Smoked on a lovely sunny day chilling in the park, passed around with close friends I hadn’t seen in a while. It’s times like this I look back at with fondness. Memory’s made just before the age of Covid, before people didn’t have to think before passing a spliff. The world is changing. TASTE - The taste is intense thanks to a high terpene content. It lives up to its name in that it is like a fruity party in your mouth! It is intense, with citrus, sour and tangy notes that are no doubt inherited from the’ Sour Raspberry’. The other side of its heritage is also clearly present though with an undeniable sherbet like taste lingering at the back of the throat on the exhale. An attribute which has surely been passed down by The ‘Pink 2.0’ parentage and its tones of Skittles and Cotton Candy. The combined taste is definitely both unmistakable and unforgettable. STONE - This one is quite a hard hitter, not surprising when considering the high THC levels, so get ready to feel fully relaxed. It is a bodily weighty and contemplatively minded stone that will powerfully relax you physically and mentally.