Perfect Grow- Tent Set up

Soft Secrets
19 Jan 2023

Grow tents are an essential tool for growing indoors. Setting them up is simple once you know what you need.,


Grow tents are an essential tool for growing indoors. Setting them up is simple once you know what you need.,

A grow tent is your micro-climate in which you can recreate nature. When you're using a grow tent properly, you are controlling the weather.​

To have a reliable indoor gardening system, you'll need some other pieces of equipment and organize them to help you create a stable and suitable plant-growing environment.

The most complicated part of this process is getting your grow tent set up right the first time. But don't worry. In conjunction with some of the industries biggest players, Soft Secrets has got you covered!

In this first video of 10 in the new "Perfect Grow" series, Drew Anger will take you through setting up your grow environment for four cannabis plants. All on a mid-range budget of $1200 US Dollars.

Drew will unbox and show you how to set up a 1m x 1m HomeBox tent which is the perfect size for up to 4 plants to grow from seed to mature fully grown flowering weed.


The Homebox tent is an excellent modular option that is easy to assemble and clean between grows. Using the straightforward instructions provided, first-timers should only need about 15 minutes to put it together. No tools are required as all the pieces click together.

Once your tent is up, your ventilation system is the next thing to install. Ventilation is critical in any indoor garden to provide fresh, clean air to your plants and remove any stale, damp or stinky air from your environment. In addition, an adequate ventilation system will prevent your plants from suffering from mould or other health issues.

Your ventilation setup comprises an intake and exhaust fan, a carbon filter to scrub the air clean before it leaves the grow room and some ducting for the air to travel through.

When it comes to lights, a Spider Farmer SE5000 fixture is perfect. Its 480W LED light will give you outstanding performance without breaking the bank. It will run at 120 or 240V, is dimmable at all stages of plant growth and runs cool, meaning no worrying about excess heat. The setup is nice and easy if that is not enough for you.

Learn what extra equipment you need, such as ratchet hangers, temperature and humidity thermometers, oscillating fans and light timers. You will also be made aware of what light cycles you need to be mindful of throughout the plant's various growth stages and how to adjust your light height accordingly.

There are many other grow room gadgets available that you can use to improve your results. However, this setup will do you just fine as a first-time grower.

All that is left is to get your pots in and start growing! For this grow, Drew is using "Super Soil" as his growing media and advises that you do the same for the first few grows before trying out more advanced coco coir or hydro systems.

The video ends with four small, four-week-old plants straight out of the propagator and into the tent, ready to enter their vegetative (growth) stage of life.

Transplanting is easy. Dig a hole in your pot, and sprinkle with beneficial organic additives. Then add your plants' root ball and cover it with soil and water.

 If you are wondering how your tiny, unassuming cannabis seed got from there to here, then don't worry. Seed starting, germination and propagating will be covered in full next week.

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Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YTAx5ot_WoY

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