New Study Shows Potential for CBD

Liz Filmer
01 Jul 2024

A new industry-backed study into the possible anti-anxiety effects of CBD found that an oral solution was effective in treating mild to moderate anxiety, as well as linked depression and poor quality of sleep, with no severe unfavourable side effects noted.

 “The findings align with the growing body of evidence indicating that CBD may have anxiolytic effects if administered for a longer duration, ranging from 4 to 12 weeks.”

The report was issued in May in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry and was authored by a research team from Asha Hospital and Leiutis Pharmaceuticals LLP, based in India and New Jersey-based Biophore Pharma Inc. 

Study participants were split into two groups a CBD group and a placebo group. The CBD group were given 300 mg of CBD per day, this was increased to 600 mg and then reduced down to 150 mg at the tail end of the study.

A test for generalized anxiety disorder found drops in anxiety among those who took CBD in comparison to the placebo group. The average scores gradually decreased in the CBD group from week 2 up until the 13th week. Amongst the placebo group however, the mean anxiety scores hardly moved. 

 The Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A), another testing method used discovered comparable reductions in anxiety measures in the CBD group vs the placebo group.

Despite the CBD group having their dosages reduced toward the end of the study no immediate upsurge in their anxiety was recorded.

What About CBD and Anxiety?

In regards to CBD and anxiety, another study carried out earlier this year discovered that dogs who received daily doses of CBD witnessed substantial declines in stress and anxiety on car journeys

The 20 dogs involved in that study all showed symptoms of stress and anxiety when travelling by car. However, the dogs that were given CBD two hours before taking the trip did exhibit noteworthy improvements over the 24-week study period.

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