05 Jun 2021

Extracts from the Bud Diaries: Each issue we dive into the pages of Soft Secrets writer Rich Hamilton’s Personal Bud Diary.



This is a well balanced hybrid that comes in at 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Lemon Zkittles is a cross of Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez and has high THC levels. Lauded as an easy, highly resinous grower, with large yields and a flowering time of around 9-10 weeks what's not to like?


Dual end 1000w lights. Grown in a mix of soil and coco coir hand and drip fed. Mineral nutrients. 


On first impressions these buds looked like mini Xmas trees! Pine tree shaped and very densely packed the nugs were covered in a light translucent dusty greyish white powdery veil of trichomes. The colour was a solid mid green with lots of concentrated pockets of dark Amber pistils bursting out of the green background. The bud was very well dried and had a lovely satisfying crunch clean "snap" when breaking a section off. The rest of the bud being unaffected and keeping its shape well. Broken down with a 3 inch metal grinder to medium density the colours mix and present us with a delicious light mix of tonal green colours peppered with brown, Amber and orange. The bud is easy to handle and on the dry side. The bit I had where very twiggy.


Not a strong smell on first opening the tub. There was of course a general zesty odour, which was accompanied by a musky wheaty undertone and a hint of sweet sherbet. Breaking up the bud is where the smell releases its full potential. The dominating smell is definitely lemons, more on the sour side than the sweet citrus. As time moves on however, the more I smell it the more I start to get more forest scents like pine and combined with the lemon it is starting to evoke memories of the smell of the wood polish that my Grandfather would use on the furniture.


Smoked straight (no Tabaco) in a king size none bleached slim rolling paper. Card roach with a glass tip over that. Lit with a standard lighter. Ground up in a 4 inch stainless steel grinder. Smoke was a thick certain of opaque whiteness. Smoked in indoors on a cool fresh summers evening.


Undeniably fruity, this terpene rich strain has a dominantly fresh lemon flavours inherited from the Lemon Skunk parentage and deep sour, bitter sweet tones of the grapefruit and Grape Ape in the Zkittle lineage. The sour zingy, back of the upper throat heat is almost a Sicilian citrus lemon.


A super strong head hitting mega stone! This one knocked me for ten. The pedigree of the parents of this hybrid, really come through in the amalgamation of this heavy hitting High that took me by surprise. Notoriously high in resin production, this is a potent strain that produces a fantastic stress clearing super cerebral high. I literally haven’t been that high from 1 spliff in along time. If you have a low tolerance then I would go very easy with this one as it is definitely suited more to the high THC connoisseurs out there.