How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Liz Filmer
04 May 2022

Hand-rolling a joint is a much-desired skill in the weed world. Pre-rolled joints are widely sold next to the edibles, vapes, and flowers. Rolling your own however, is a ritual, the only way to do it, and to some, it is as much a part of the process as actually smoking the finished product.

Rolling papers can be made from rice, hemp, or other fibres. Some people also use hemp 'blunt' wraps, tobacco cigar wraps or a tobacco leaf to roll up. If you are looking for a less potent hit, you can add tobacco from a cigarette to make a "spliff". The choice does not end there either. You can choose from pre-rolled cones, transparent rolling papers, gold papers, and hemp papers. 

Rolling your own is not only satisfying—it allows you total control of the experience. You select the contents, the amount, and any custom elements that a pre-rolled joint will not contain. 

So how do you do it? Let's go!


 0.3 of a gram is a good starting point for a first-time roller and first-time smoker. You can always experiment with more as your tolerance grows. Grinding your flower is down to preference; some like it chunky, others finely ground. A medium grind is the most reliable, as it is too delicate and will burn too quickly or fly into your mouth on the inhale. Too chunky, and your joint can fizzle out or start "canoeing,". This is where the joint burns unevenly on one side

How to roll a joint

  • Hold a rolling paper in the fingertips of one hand. Palms turned upwards. You should see the glue strip facing you at the top. The paper should be gently creased so that two-thirds of the underside is facing you.
  • Sprinkle the weed into the paper with your other hand. Use your thumbs to pinch the paper's edge above the weed to create a tube.
  •  Securing the tube with your thumbs and use an upward folding, twisting motion to roll it upon itself towards the top of the paper.
  • Continue rolling and stop just before you reach the glue.
  • Quickly and lightly moisten the glue using a finger dipped in tap water or your saliva, and then roll the final way and seal.

Top Tips

Use decent materials. Whether you want hemp, flavoured or classic originals, good quality rolling papers are a must. A good qualirolling tray will also help give you a flat surface and catch any weed that falls out. Some rolling trays have lids and sections for all your paraphernalia, such as filters, lighters, grinders etc. These are great to keep everything organised and if you are a bit of a neat freak.

Don't go in hard. Don't try and roll a crazy complicated joint that you have seen on TikTok! Just start with a classic joint. Get the fundamentals right, and the rest will follow!

Grind yourself up a big pile of weed and practice by yourself. Dont take it too seriously and enjoy learning the craft. After all, practice makes perfect!

Liz Filmer