How To Grow Purple Ghost Candy

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14 Nov 2023

Ready to add a splash of colour to your cannabis garden? Let's talk Purple Ghost Candy – the radiant and insanely potent strain currently making waves in the weed world.

Meet Your New Best Bud: Purple Ghost Candy

Purple Ghost Candy is a stunning strain adorning gardens and grow rooms with vibrant purple and green hues. A relative newcomer to the scene, PGC made a grand entrance with its majestic colouring and unique blend of aromas.

The genetic heritage of this strain is impressive, too. Created by Seedsman, Purple Ghost Candy emerges from a blend of Ghost OG and Candyland Purple. The lineage boasts prominent features from both parents, from the robust structure and resilience of Ghost OG to the rich terpene profile and vivacious colouring of Candyland Purple.

Purple Ghost Candy is a hybrid strain with a 60% sativa dominance, meaning plants tend toward the larger side. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to grow and promises a high yield potential whether you’re an indoor or outdoor cultivator. Here is a guide to grow this strain, including a few insider secrets to help you develop the stunning array of colours you see in the images below.

Is Purple Ghost Candy Potent?

Purple Ghost Candy is certainly a beauty to behold – but those colours alone do not correlate with potency. Luckily It's armed with a potent THC content averaging 27.54%, ranking it among the most powerful sativa-dominant hybrids anywhere. Sure, beginners can grow it, but with such power in its buds, novices might want to approach consumption carefully! This strain induces a cerebral buzz that is euphoric and uplifting, engaging the mind and the body in a dance of relaxation. Purple Ghost Candy is an ideal strain for a laid-back occasion with cup-winning credentials in spades.

How To Grow Purple Ghost Candy

What Does Purple Ghost Candy Taste Like?

With a taste profile that reads like a dessert menu, Purple Ghost Candy is a buffet of scents and flavours. It mesmerizes with an enticing blend of sweet and sour, echoing its Candyland Purple parent. Notes of berry and citrus grace the aroma, while a hint of earthiness grounds the experience. PGC touts two flavour qualities that add delicious intrigue; lemon/lime soda and peach/mint notes. Combining these dazzling flavours tees up a sweet and refreshing experience that’s sure to delight on every puff.

What To Expect From Germinating Purple Ghost Candy

As with any strain, you’ll start your quest for PGC’s rich bounty by germinating your seeds. There are a few ways to go about this, but the key is to expose the seed’s outer shell to moisture, allowing water to penetrate and trigger growth inside the shell. This causes the taproot to break free, and when that happens, you’re on your way to weed! Emergence typically happens in 3-4 days, but allow up to 7 days for the taproot to emerge. If planted outdoors, allow up to 14 days for germination, depending on the climatic zone.

Once emerged, these plants tend to reach for the skies very quickly, and under ideal conditions will enter vegetation proper a few days after germination.

The Vegetative Stage

To allow for maximum potency, vegetate for 42 days, which will also give you the opportunity to train the plant into shape and harvest a bountiful yield at the end of the cycle.

As a sativa-leaning plant, Purple Ghost Candy lends itself well to SCRoG. It can tolerate a little more humidity than your typical indica, and can withstand high intensity of light from fairly early on in veg.

Yield, yield, yield!

The Blooming Phase: Flowering Time & Yield

Purple Ghost Candy's flowering period is between 70-84 days, a brief wait for a reward that's worth every second. Plants that spend 42 days in vegetation can ensure high potency and high yield. Typically, these plants yield up to 600g/m² indoors and 700-900g per plant outdoors. This strain offers generous harvests of top-quality, connoisseur-level buds packed with flavour and soaked in resin. PGC’s sativa dominance means it can thrive in really high-intensity light, such as under the sun's warm glow. This is a testament to its love for Mediterranean climates - however, you’ll get exceptional results with the right indoor setup, such as a light intensity of up to 1000 micromoles m2/per second (more if CO2 is supplemented).

How To Grow Purple Ghost Candy

Growing And Training Tips For Purple Ghost Candy

Growing Purple Ghost Candy is a joyous venture thanks to the strain's sturdy genetics and robust character. Although it prefers warm climates, this strain can adapt to a range of growing conditions, making it a viable choice for growers across the globe. There are some things to consider that will help you get the most from your plants, so get the notepad out and start jotting!

Tips For Indoor Growers

If you’re an indoor cultivator, it’s recommended you don’t spend too long on the vegetative phase unless you have plenty of headroom. These ladies can get lanky, and you need to account for their stretch. Using the SCRoG method will help to tame the height while exposing bud sites to more light – meaning better yields.

And as for the light schedule itself, a standard 18/6 (18hrs of light, 6hrs of darkness) during the vegetative stage and a 12/12 schedule during flowering is your friend here. This will ensure adequate light to optimize growth during veg, and flipping the switch to a longer dark period will help initiate flowering. You’ll likely see your Purple Ghost Candy plants remain short but wide during veg, then double in size during flowering.

Tips For Outdoor Growers

Purple Ghost Candy is known for its aggressive branching, so support for the lateral branches is recommended. You’ll be harvesting those monster yields around mid-October.

Pruning is a worthwhile practice while growing this strain. Regular trimming and topping can help the plant focus its energy on the buds, enhancing the yield. It also keeps the plant neat and healthy, promoting better air circulation and preventing potential ailments. Purple Ghost Candy is known for its colossal fan leaves, so keeping things trimmed will help reduce the risk of mould late in your grow.

How To Feed Purple Ghost Candy

The soil should be nutrient-rich, capable of supporting the robust growth of the strain, and it pays to keep a close eye on your pH level - between 6.0 and 7.0 ensures the optimal absorption of nutrients. Regular watering and feeding are essential, but avoid overwatering as it could lead to root rot and other issues.

By the time you hit the 8-week mark, your plants will be in their prime, demanding lots of food and fresh air. But don't worry; after that, their appetite starts to dwindle. In the final week, it's a good idea to give them a nice rinse with cold water. Flushing with iced water helps to colour development, bringing out the vibrant shades this strain is so revered for. Once your buds are dried and cured, they'll have a groovy lime-green colour with hints of purple. They're not too tightly packed either, just the right density. The inhale is smooth and mellow when you take a toke, thanks to the copious amounts of super-sticky resin.

Managing Aromas

During the flowering stage with Purple Ghost Candy, you'll get to a point where the terpenes become so rich that those fruity, candy-like aromas get highly noticeable. This is when, if growing indoors, you’ll likely need to up your aroma control game significantly to keep those wonderful scents in check. Dank is the word, so make sure to have filters in place to minimize odour and keep it contained to the room.

How To Enhance The Colour Of Purple Ghost Candy

There are many tips for enhancing the colour and finishing plants. Luckily, the two often go hand in hand when pulling out those magnificent colours. Here is a list of techniques you may have come across and some you may not, to help you pull out those rich purple hues.

  • 12-48 hours of darkness before harvest – conventional wisdom tells us to harvest our plants at the end of the dark period. This is because the energy made by phyotosynthesis (sugars) during the day are then metabolized during the dark phase. This helps secondary metabolism production and depletes the plant of energy, which in turn can result in a colour change through lack of chlorophyll synthesis (green).
  • Complete defoliation - removal of the light-harvesting apparatus (leaf) results in a reduction of the plant’s ability to photosynthesise. Without leaves to maintain high energy levels, the plant will slowly die, resulting in a colour change.
  • Lower temperatures last 2 weeks – stimulates an Autumnal response in the plant, boosting anthrocyamins, which create the colours of red, blue, and purple in plants.
  • Nute deprivation last 2 weeks (aka flush) – starves the plant of essential nutrients, which results in nutrient deprivation. The plant loses its ability to maintain chlorophyll.
  • Light Spectrum Change – Some indoor growers will change the light spectrum to closer match that of the autumn months - this can result in the enhanced colouration of the plant.

The Final Verdict

Purple Ghost Candy is a promising addition to the cannabis community. Its potent effects, flavourful profile, and stunning beauty make it hard to resist its allure. Whether you're a seasoned grower or a novice enthusiast, Purple Ghost Candy offers a growing experience like no other. So, take the plunge, let this vibrant strain illuminate your garden and light up your life.

Where To Get Your Hands On Purple Ghost Candy

Purple Ghost Candy is one of Seedsman’s elite cannabis strains. Visit Seedsman.com to pick up Purple Ghost Candy seeds in packs of 1, 3, 5, and 10.

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