How to find the perfect stoned effect?

10 Feb 2020
Did you know that CBD is the mystery molecule that you already smoke? When you consume weed, THC and CBD are the 2 most active molecules affecting your body and mind. The leading CBD company in Europe, Green Brothers Switzerland SA, will explain how CBD can deal with THC.
THC acts on our brain receptors to promote feelings of euphoria and relaxation, and at high doses may cause paranoia. On the other hand, CBD acts on body receptors and stimulates the natural production of human molecules that help maintain Homeostasis (the balance of temperature, blood sugar or composition). Consuming CBD gives all the pleasures of a joint without the side effects of getting high during the day. Specifically, when you're smoking, the different activated receptors function in harmony with opposite effects. CBD limits the bad effects of THC, allowing us to decompress, while contributing to general well-being. There are many ways to consume CBD. Sixty8 offers several varieties of flowers rich in CBD and aromas that can be infused or smoked, which have been awarded several times at the various Cannabis Cups. It is also possible to consume CBD oil by putting it under your tongue, in drinks, or in cream and lip balm to take care of your body. The Sixty8 products are entirely sourced from organic swiss hemp. More information on How to find the perfect stoned effect? Sixty8 is a part of the swiss family farm Green Brothers. They cultivate cannabis with passion and expertise, without pesticide. The 3 brothers were among the first to get European Organic Certification for their hemp farming methods. They maintain full control of their stock, from the best seed to the final product. Production follows ancestral and natural growing methods using water sourced from the Swiss mountains. To meet customers’ expectations each stage of production is subject to rigorous controls. To discover CBD products or to share your experiences about CBD uses, follow @Green_brothers & @Sixty8_Shop on Instagram or directly on &