Hip-Hop Star Travis Scott launches new cannabis line.

Liz Filmer
14 Jul 2021

Over the past 12 months, ASTROWORLD rapper Travis Scott's on-off relationship with billionaire Make-up icon Kylie Jenner and brand partnerships may have somewhat eclipsed his music. Still, that criticism has not stopped the young Hip-Hop star from becoming the latest rapper after Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z and Post Malone to enter the lucrative legal US cannabis industry. 


So far in his career, Scott has partnered up with global giants such as McDonald's, Nike, Fortnite, Dior and Playstation to create merchandise and content that his fans have rushed to get hold of. The Dior collection is a prime example of the influence that this artist has. It marks the first time in the fashion brands history that a musician has been asked to create a collection. 

With a new musical project called UTOPIA in the pipeline and his "Astroworld Festival" in Houston later this year selling out 100,000 tickets in 1 hour, Scott does not rest on his laurels. Instead, he looks to continue his successful entrepreneurism by tapping his way into one of the biggest emerging markets in the USA with his very own cannabis line, "Cactus Farms".
Scott has teamed up with successful cultivator "Connected Cannabis" to bring their new line to dispensaries throughout California and via Harvest dispensaries in Arizona. 

The first strain that dropped on July 10th is a hybrid specimen handpicked by the rap mogul himself. It is labelled as indica dominant and allegedly "smokes with the same experience as sipping a fine wine". The strain is described as a "dense, purple bud that releases a pungent, funky-sweet gas aroma rounded out by a unique berry twist". No doubt there will be more strains to follow.

Based on the success of Scott's other ventures, there is little doubt that this will be anything less than a massive success, giving that he has already dipped his toe into similar markets.  In March, Scott released a "hard seltzer" drink called Cacti in partnership with Anheuser-Busch. The on-trend beverage is 7% alcohol by volume and is available in 3 fruit flavours.

Over the last few years, Travis Scott has proven himself one of the world's most business-minded hip hop artists who truly has the golden touch. The variety of brands that he has collaborated with goes to show what kind of reach he has. Whatever product he comes out with, be it fashion, computer games or food, his fans always come through and make it a success, and I suspect that this new cannabis line will be no different.

Liz Filmer