Guano, Natures Best Fertiliser 

Liz Filmer
29 Aug 2021

Are you looking to improve your organic growing regime? There is a product that is the most balanced organic fertiliser that nature offers for all kinds of fruiting and flowering plants, including cannabis. That product is Bat Guano. 

The word "Guano", originating from South America, refers to sea birds and bat faeces used for crop fertilisation. Guano is found in arid climates where nitrogen-rich ammonia cannot be leached out of the Guano by rainwater. Naturally rich in NPK and trace minerals, it provides overall nutrition.

Islands and coastlines on the eastern side of the Pacific and South Atlantic oceans, for example, are perfect. Large colonies of aquatic birds and bats congregate here as they have easy access to food sources such as fish, insects and fruit. 

Bat guano is also sourced from rainforest caves in Madagascar and Indonesia, where insects and fruit are abundant for bats to feed on. Here the Guano is unaffected by climatic changes, preventing any leaching of nutrients where insects and fruit are in abundance for the bats to feed on.

Quality varies, but many companies ensure that their Guano is ethically sourced and harvested under strict preservation guidelines to avoid disruptions to creatures and habitat. 

Guano's beneficial properties were recognised as early as the 16th Century. The Inca empire restricted access to guano supplies and punished any disturbance of the bats and birds with death! The 19th Century saw a Guano "boom" as word spread to Europe and North America and export began on a large scale. 

Bat Guano is a widely available product popular with indoor and outdoor cannabis growers alike in today's agricultural market.

With the NPK typically being around 10-3-1. Guano assists with many primary plant functions such as rapid green growth, strong root development, flowering and hardy, healthy stems. Guano should not be used in place of a crop-specific NPK fertiliser but rather alongside as a supplement.

A soil conditioner that improves drainage and texture and works as a fungicide on leaves, Guano is also an excellent compost activator, speeding up the natural decomposition of compost matter. It also can control nematodes (worm-like pests) in the soil. 

Microbes in guano fertiliser help cleanse soil toxicities, improve natural balance without increasing alkaline or acid levels, and provide the soil with fast and slow-release nutrients. Many experienced growers who use Guano comment that it positively enhances the taste of their products, making them overall more flavourful.

Other pro's of using Guano include its low to non-existent odour, its fast action (compared to other organic manures), and its ability not to burn your plants or roots. You can work Guano into the soil before planting or apply whilst your plant is in the vegetative stage. It can be used fresh or dry and is sold in powder, pellet or liquid form. 

You can't argue with thousands of years of use and success! Guano is a sustainable, organic, completely natural product with many benefits, so give it a go.

Liz Filmer