Germany Legalisation Moves Forward as Planned

Liz Filmer
25 Mar 2024

Cannabis reform remains on track after the Parliament’s upper house withheld from sending the ruling to the committee on March 22. This means that possession and home growth can start from April 1.

This follows federal lawmakers in the lower chamber of the country’s Parliament (the Bundestag) voting to pass legislation on February 23rd.

Germany’s upper house (The Bundesrat) which represents the country’s 16 state governments, could have potentially delayed the legislation by as long as six months but luckily the chamber did not have the votes to do so on Friday, according to press reports.

Co-founder and CEO of Frankfurt-based European cannabis company Bloomwell Group, Niklas Kouparanis commented that “reason prevailed” in Germany’s Bundestag. 

“ In retrospect, the publicized uproar during the run-up to the Federal Council meeting turned out to be hot air. The cannabis industry, patients and the governing parties are breathing a sigh of relief that a nerve-wracking and unnecessary delay to implement the landmark CanG bill, which would have been caused by calling for a mediation committee, was prevented.”statement provided to Cannabis Business Times 

Under the new Cannabis Act, adults will be permitted to have up to 25 grams on their person in public and up to 50 grams at home, as well as being allowed to cultivate up to three plants at home from April 1st this year. 

Additionally, German citizens aged over 18 will be allowed to join nonprofit “cannabis clubs,” which will be restricted to 500 members who can cultivate their cannabis for personal use from July 1st. 

With the news that the new plans will be effective as scheduled, Canada-based Canopy Growth is celebrating the landmark ruling. The company owns a German brand, Storz & Bickel, which provides vaporization devices to both adult-use and medical consumers. 

“As a long-standing leader in the German medical cannabis market, Canopy Growth looks forward to expanding our presence. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this progressive change in Germany, setting a strong precedent for cannabis reform across Europe.” CEO David Klein

What are the plans for a legal commercial market?

While Germany’s federal legislators have paved the way for personal possession and home cultivation, agendas for a commercialised marketplace where licensed shops and pharmacies can sell cannabis—were bypassed in the ruling after European Union worries over the possibility of unregulated exports emerged.

Parliamentary leaders have indicated however that additional legislation is on its way that will open up commercialised operations and will likely meet EU approval. 

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