Dealing With Weed Hangovers

Liz Filmer
09 Jul 2022

Weed hangovers can feel like alcohol but are generally less severe—fatigue, general discomfort, dehydration, mental block and nausea are all possible symptoms. 

When you take in too much THC and other psychoactive components in cannabis, your system can be overwhelmed and be negatively affected. With the potency of new strains increasing and various methods of getting high, it's easy to go too far.

The severity of weed hangovers varies from person to person. It differs based on factors, including how much you have eaten, the strength of the strain, consumption, and tolerance level. Not everyone will get a weed hangover, but it's a good general rule to be aware of your limits, just like with alcohol.

Preventative Measures

 Education, experience, and moderation of consumption are the first, most significant, and best keys to reducing your chances of having a weed hangover. 

Unlike an alcohol hangover, which causes specific symptoms based on alcohol withdrawal, weed hangovers are usually caused by overdosing. So, by stepping away from weed the night before a busy day or at the beginning of a hangover the following day, you can avoid feeling tired and hungover by allowing your body's THC levels to fall back to normal.


You have gone too far, and now you are languishing in the no-mans-land that is that foggy, de-motivated headspace we all dread. What do you do?

1. Rest

Listen to your body; it knows best. If you need to rest, lean into that feeling wherever possible Sleeping restores the body. Allowing yourself the time to rehabilitate your senses in a way that exerts the smallest amount of energy is healing!

2. Fuel 

Give yourself proper nourishment to get through the day. This includes lots of water and a healthy balance of foods. Water will rehydrate your system, and whole foods will revive electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate.

3. CBD

CBD can provide beneficial relief to symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and even "hang-xiety". It does this by mitigating the THC levels in your body. Try it in a tincture, as a gummy, or in a CBD-only joint to help that hangover find its way out. 

A weed hangover will probably not sap you to the same extent as an alcohol hangover. However, it can still leave you unable to function correctly daily. No hangover is entirely curable, but at least now you have the tools to manage your side effects and prepare to avoid feeling too bad.

Liz Filmer