Court hears Trimsaran man bought cannabis from God 

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18 Sep 2013

A TRIMSARAN man caught with cannabis claimed he bought the drug from God, a court has heard.    

A TRIMSARAN man caught with cannabis claimed he bought the drug from God, a court has heard.     Jason Matthew Kenneth Watkins, of Pant y Gino, has pleaded guilty to two drugs offences and a Bail Act offence. Llanelli magistrates heard that in police interview, Watkins had been asked whom he had bought cannabis from. Prosecutor Gerald Neave said the defendant had answered "God". Mr Neave firstly addressed the 25-year-old's possession of six Valium tablets. He said: "On July 18 at about 6.15pm two police officers stopped the defendant in Llanelli and whilst speaking to him he was showing signs of drug influence." The court heard that police searched Watkins, finding blue and white tablets on his person. Llanelli magistrates heard that when confronted, the defendant said: "Give me a break, you are arresting me for six Valium?" Mr Neave said that Watkins had admitted the blue tablets were a street form of Valium, which were not prescribed. However, the court heard, the white tablets, referred to as temazepam had been prescribed. Watkins was bailed on this matter to return to Llanelli Police Station on August 8, but the court heard he did not attend. Mr Neave said: "On August 16 the defendant was seen walking from his home address at 10.10am. "He was stopped by police who said he was being arrested for breaching his bail condition." Watkins was searched at the time and police found two clear bags, which Mr Neave said contained 8.35 grams of herbal cannabis. In police interview following his arrest for cannabis possession and breach of bail, the court heard that Watkins had claimed to have lost his bail sheet. Mr Neave said: "He was asked about the cannabis. He said it was his and that he had paid £60 it. He said that he was going to eat it. "The cannabis was decanted from the bags and weighed 7.2 grams, which has an estimated street value of £70." Mitigating, Laura Sherwood explained Watkins's breach of bail after the arrest on July 18. She said: "Because he had heard the date 18 over and over again, he presumed it was August 18 that he was due to appear, not August 8. "It is simply a mix up on his behalf and he apologises to the court for that." Regarding the drug matters, Mrs Sherwood said: "This gentleman has quite a lengthy record all due to his mental health state. "The cannabis litters his record and he uses that to keep himself calm and let him sleep in the evening." Llanelli magistrates served Watkins with a 24 month conditional discharge. He must also pay £85 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge. 18/09/2013  
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