Cookies and Cream Auto-Strain Review

Soft Secrets
27 May 2021

In recent years there are many Girl Scout cookies crosses that have appeared on the market, and its no surprise since the world is after the best cannabis they can find.  In fact, it seems, the world is craving very sweet cannabis.  The Cookies and Cream Autoflowering genetics from Seedstockers might just be the best way to experience what everyone is talking about yourself.


Cookies and Cream Auto Aroma and Flavor

Cookies and Cream is an autoflowering genetic that flowers quickly, yet still produces the same effect and aroma that is expected from Girl Scout Cookies genetics.  It has been crossed with StarFighter, which helps in providing heavily trichome-covered buds.  It’s smell is incredibly pungent.  Some pheotypes you might even express some of the same fruit and berry like aromas distinctive to the OG kush ancestry. 

Cookies and Cream Auto strain Grow

Because of the ruderalis genetics which have been crossed into Cookies and Cream Autoflowering, it is non-photoperiodic.  This means that it will be ready that its harvest will be ready to smoke in as little as 13 weeks after germination!  In a lot of climates, when growing outdoors, you’ll be able to begin growing early enough to have a harveste by the start of the summer! This genetic has some great qualities.  For example, it has a wide footprint thanks to a tendency towards lateral branching.  Its some times difficult to maintain a limited height with cookies crosses.  Very often they will grow very tall and have big spaces of internodal stretching.  With Cookies and Cream Autoflowering its easy to maintain a low canopy and make use of all of the best lighting zones in your indoor garden .  Outdoor we’re able to keep a low profile by producing a plant with more width.  With the smallest amount of encouragement and training, its easy to get a plant with only the best buds on it. Incredibly thick buds start taking form around 6-8 weeks after germination.  With the reduced inter-nodal spacing, dense and sticky buds start crowding each other and bushing out into big fruit sets by the time we get around to harvest. Even with several weeks to go, trichomes are already developing quickly on the sativa like leaves from this indica leaning hybrid. Thanks to rigorous selective breeding the plant does a great job of supporting itself as it continues to build fruit sets. By the time we get to around week 9 the Girl Scout Cookies lineage starts expressing its characteristic colors on its larger leaves.  The swollen calyxes also tend to begin their color change at this point, which is a great signal that we’re not too far away from harvest.  The aromas and flavors will really start to be noticed towards the last week or two before harvestt.  The cannabinoids also are finishing their complex route of biosynthesis – meaning the plant is reaching peak THC level. Its at this point that we see  this Cookies & Cream strain really start to show its red hairs, and begin smell very strong.    By  week 11, give or take a week or two based on climate and other conditions, Cookies and Cream Autoflowering is ready to Harvest with a very large harvest of the most potent buds.  Its packed with taste and completely covered in trichomes – its almost as if you could scoop them off the bud with a little spoon.  With the right care given to your plant as she’s growing, its almost impossible not to get a delicious and creamy cookies flavor from Cookies and Cream Auto.

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