CBD for skin conditions

Liz Filmer
01 Oct 2021

CBD works on the skin by using its powerful anti-inflammatory properties to help its natural healing process. The purer the CBD is in your products, the more effective it will be on your skin. Look for products that have a CBD purity of 95% or above.

CBD can alleviate the inflammation of acne best through use as an oil, cream or lotion. The CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system, including a neurological transmitter that helps regulate cell growth. If not balanced, this can affect the skin negatively and inhibit excessive oil consumption, one of the leading causes of acne. CBD oil is excellent as it only targets the problem cells. It does not affect healthy cells reducing side effects such as dry skin.

 The cause of eczema remains relatively unexplained, with most people suffering from it due to numerous triggers, including diet, lifestyle and existing allergies. There are a variety of treatments, including steroid creams, but currently, there is no cure.

Many people do not like using steroid creams due to any harmful effects that they could induce. CBD is a natural alternative treatment. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of cannabinoids applied topically and taken orally may help improve eczema. Researchers have found that CBD can offer immense potential in regulating natural skin processes, and clinical trials have seen positive results.

The primary symptoms of Rosacea are redness or "flushing" in the face or other affected area, accompanied by small pus-filled bumps. Similar to eczema, there is no cure for Rosacea, and it is usually controlled through the use of steroid creams and, in severe cases, antibiotics. Long term use of steroid creams may make symptoms worse in the long run. Extensive use of antibiotics can also cause your body to become resistant to their effectiveness. 

CBD can work to decrease redness and inflammation. Use a CBD cream or oil to tackle Rosacea. A CBD oral supplement is also effective in managing any mental triggers.

Psoriasis Is very itchy, painful, unsightly and debilitating physically and mentally. Like eczema and Rosacea, lifestyle, diet and stress levels are all symptom triggers in worsening symptoms. 

Psoriasis treatments include steroid creams, occlusion, light therapy and oral medication, all of which become less effective the longer you take them and have side effects.

Research shows that CBD may treat psoriasis by slowing down the overgrowth of skin cells. The topical application of CBD oil moisturises the affected area thoroughly, helping it heal quickly. Anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and burning and tackle any other injury that could trigger a flare-up. 

Cold Sores
Caused by the herpes simplex virus, cold sores appear as tiny, liquid-filled blisters on or around the lip area. They can be painful, unsightly, cause fever and make you socially anxious and self-conscious.

Once in your body, the virus can re-occur indefinitely. Common treatments are antiviral creams and tablets. It is best to apply CBD to cold sores in the form of a tincture. A tincture is an extract of plant material that is dissolved in ethanol. 

Oil tinctures contain more CBD molecules in a smaller volume, making them more potent. Rub in the tincture well for adequate absorption. Taking an oral CBD supplement may also help avoid psychological triggers that could be triggering attacks.

Liz Filmer