Can you Afford Medicinal Cannabis?

Liz Filmer
25 Nov 2022

The price of medical cannabis varies widely in the UK. It is accessible on prescription via the NHS. However, the amount of patients who have managed to do this is pretty low, even though the UK legalised medical cannabis back in 2018

 Many UK patients are being prescribed medical cannabis by private medical cannabis clinics. Cannabis access clinics can provide an initial consultation much faster than an NHS referral. This is life-changing for those suffering from chronic pain and other conditions.

Of course, private clinics still have costs attached. This starts from the initial assessment through to the cannabis medicine itself. It is tempting for many to buy it illegally. Still, it is essential to note that medical cannabis is always the safer and cheaper option, especially if you have not been previously acquainted with cannabis.

Before looking into treatments, a complete picture of how much you may potentially be paying is vital. The type of cannabis UK patients are prescribed can affect the average cost of the treatment. Here are some of the average costs associated with consultations, treatment, and prescriptions of medical cannabis.

How Much Does Medicinal Cannabis Cost?

Factors that affect the average cost of a cannabis prescription are the THC content and the dose size. For UK patients, high doses may be required for certain conditions, which increases the cost.

As private manufacturers produce cannabis medication in the UK, prices may vary from brand to brand. The product's quality or the dose concentration may differ, so it's wise to get advice before changing your treatments. Discuss it with your doctor if you find a more reasonably priced brand than what you usually use.

CBD-only medications are similar regardless of whether you have a prescription or buy them over the counter. Prices usually range from £7.50 and £15 per 100mg. Products containing THC will have a higher cost.

What is the cost of a consultation?

Costs of consultation start from around £49 at private Cannabis Clinics in the UK. This usually includes a general appraisal of your medical history and advice on the dose and treatment that will offer you the most significant benefits.

How long is a treatment plan?

There is no set length for treatment. It depends entirely on the individual patient and their condition. For some, a set-length treatment plan evaluated when it finishes will be appropriate.

What if I can't afford the cost?

Some patients will struggle to pay for medical cannabis on private prescriptions. Some clinics do go the extra mile to improve access to medical cannabis. One way clinics try to make costs more achievable for patients is through partnerships with endeavours such as Project Twenty21. This programme allows eligible patients to access affordable medical cannabis treatment at subsidised prices.

It works by patients agreeing to share data about their treatment in return for subsidised costs. Project Twenty21 is looking to create the UK's most extensive base of evidence for the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis.

Hopefully, this evidence will supply adequate evidence for NHS funding and show that the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis outweigh the potential risks. The aim is to make it easier for patients in the future to access a medical cannabis prescription.

Bedrocan availability in the UK?

Bedrocan is a Dutch producer of cannabis flower. They are also the only company worldwide that can produce standardised cannabis (whole, dried flower) containing consistent cannabinoids.

Bedrocan products are used by patients worldwide, including Italy, the Netherlands, Australia and Germany. Since Brexit, however, Bedrocan has unfortunately been unable to export to the UK.

Finding a UK cannabis clinic

The goal of Medical Cannabis Clinics is to make patients' lives easier. It's quick and easy to go online and find a clinic near you. Patient Advisors will be happy to chat with you online or over the phone if you have any questions about the costs associated with medical cannabis or want to book a consultation. Once you've consulted with your specialist doctor, you can receive your prescription at a local pharmacy of your choice for total convenience.

Liz Filmer