Beer and Cannabis

Liz Filmer
14 Nov 2023

Beer and cannabis have been popular for decades and many people enjoy them together but why? Well, their flavour profiles have a lot to do with it.

Most Beer offers a light, fresh and crisp taste which goes perfectly with cannabis-infused edibles. The sweetness from beer also helps to counterbalance any bitterness from the cannabis. However always remember that regardless of what you're drinking alongside your cannabis product of choice, a responsible approach is recommended.

A Brief History of beer and weed

One theory says that hops and cannabis plants were, millions of years ago, the same, and over time, they evolved into two distinct variations, both offering similar mild-altering effects and bearing long and demanding histories of prohibition. THC is the active ingredient of the cannabis plant, which famously works on the brain's receptors to stimulate them and produce that ."high feeling". High doses of beer are also classified as a psychoactive agent that primarily affects the mind and can also be a depressant. 

cannabis and hops have certain qualities that bear more than just a coincidental passing resemblance to one another. Perhaps most obviously, their buds both look like cones once matured. They are an excellent match for one another because certain compounds that produce the unique smell of hops are also found in cannabis.  

Pairing Beers with Cannabis 

Indian Pale Ale is likely the most popular beer globally, and its energetic aromas are divine and harmonised by weed strains leaning towards the skunk side of things. Blue Dream contains sweet, berry like flavours and pairs well with the wheat present in beer. Spicy OG Kush goes well with medium-bodied pale ale. The citrus Lemon and lime of Jack Herer will blend nicely with the light-bodied nature of a Pilsner. 

 Flavours in Beer and the Effects of Cannabis

Beer is bold in its flavour and, therefore, likely to disguise the taste of your weed, leaving you to enjoy the effects that follow consumption. The endocannabinoid system is a communication network that affects the body's nervous system and supports regulating the brain, endocrine, and immune systems. It also assists in the moderation of hormone secretion, something which affects how we think and feel, as well as responding to triggers, including stress. 

The natural chemicals created in the body that interact with receptors within the endocannabinoid system are called cannabinoids. The active compounds in both cannabis and hops plants contain cannabinoids, which are usefully put to work by our endocannabinoid system, and are fundamental in reducing anxiety levels and providing therapeutical benefits. 

Pairing hops with sativa and indica strains can, when done right, deliver an exquisite balance. Without doubt your palette and mood will dictate what you like and don't like. As always, you should apply a healthy dose of caution to maximise each moment. Too much of either could result in a negative experience.

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