Zkittlez Lime GROWING

Zkittlez Lime

Genetics: Zkittlez Lime (Zkittelez x Key Lime Pie x Sherbert) Flowering time: 6 weeks Harvest month: End of September Plant size: 1.50 …

menstrual pain, medical marijuana MEDICAL

Menstrual Pain: Can Medical Marijuana Help?

Many women are used to having horrendous cramps, mood rollercoasters, and daunting fatigue once a month. Yes, aunt Flo comes with a …

what to expect as a first-time weed smoker

What to Expect as a First-time Weed Smoker

With cannabis slowly but steadily entering the mainstream, a growing number of curious people are flirting with the idea of ‘smoking pot.’ But as smoking

420 Day

420 day or Cannabis day

Four-twenty is slang for marijuana consumption Today is the unofficial holiday celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts, in honour of  Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry

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