Zkittlez Lime GROWING

Zkittlez Lime

Genetics: Zkittlez Lime (Zkittelez x Key Lime Pie x Sherbert) Flowering time: 6 weeks Harvest month: End of September Plant size: 1.50 …


Z Valley

Genetics: San Fernando Valley OG x Zkittlez Flowering time: 60-65 days Harvest month: Early October Plant size: 1.70 cm Yield indoor: 500 …

Watermelon Weddingcake COVER GROWING

Watermelon Weddingcake

Genetics: 70% sativa 30% indica Weddingcake x Watermelon Flowering time: 9 weeks Harvest month: Early October Plant size: Indoors: medium Outdoors: 160-230 …

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Lighting Flavors & Their Uses – Mercury Vapor

Sometimes it is advantageous to put your grow operation in an out of the way place such as a basement or cellar. …


Lighting Flavors & Their Uses – High Pressure Sodium

Those of us that are sun worshippers eventually notice that the sun is less intense as the summer wanes into autumn. Pay …


Lighting Flavors & Their Uses – Metal Halide

Perhaps the most widely used grow lamp to raise cannabis is the metal halide lamp. It has been around for decades, so …

European Plant Of The Year 2019 FINANCIALGROWING

European Plant Of The Year 2019

Category Autoflowering: Candy Dwag Autoflower from Seed Stockers Category CBD Strains: Purplediol Autofloreciente CBD from Élite Seeds Category Classics: Cachalote from Gea …

Highlife Cup Winners 2019 GROWINGRECREATIONAL

The Best Cannabis Strains of 2019: Highlife Cup

This year the Highlife Cup is back, and we’re more influential than ever before. With an extraordinary 12 cannabis categories, for our …


Lighting Flavors & Their Uses – Fluorescents

There are about seven different types of commonly available grow lamps for you to choose from if you’re contemplating raising a few …

Vote for European Plant of The Year FINANCIALGROWING

Vote for European Plant of The Year

Top 5 Smoke Pipes/Bongs GrowGROWING

A Pair Of Tools Every Grower Needs

For every job there is a tool. Anyone who has ever grown cannabis hydroponically knows that having good, effective tools makes the …


Grow Op Odor Management

If you’ve ever chewed the fat with someone who has been smoking cannabis for a few decades, you’ll soon notice that most …

Strain Special 2019 FINANCIALGROWING

Strain Special 2019

Read the Strain Special 2019 here.


Know Your pH Levels

New growers will no doubt scratch their heads and reach for the pipe when asked about pH. The pH of something, usually …


Growing & Lighting Your Crop

For those of us that have smoked marijuana, the thought of growing some yourself has flitted through your mind – everyone wonders …


Locating Your Summer Crop

Planting marijuana just anywhere won’t do. Choosing the proper growing location is of paramount importance to the success of the crop. Whether …


Growing At Home

So most of us smokers have run out of grass at an inopportune time, whether it be at a party or just …

Top 5 Countries That Produce The Best Weed GrowGROWING

Nutrient Deficiencies In The Wild

There are many variables to growing out of doors that will take their toll. Ensure success by the brute force planting of …


Flower Pollination & Interbreeding Basics

Most growers have at one time thought about breeding up their own strain of cannabis. Thinking it through usually ends the project …


Why Is pH Important?

What’s pH? This is a question that usually makes new growers scratch their heads and reach for the pipe. pH applies to …


Bubble Hash vs. Tumbler Hash

Most cannabis based products are the result of cannabinoid isomerization. The bud is treated with a solvent which dissolves parts of the …


Germination 101

Many people do this by germinating their seeds indoors first, and allowing the seedlings to grow into small plants before their transition to an outdoor climate.


Pirates of the High Seeds

Today, it's not just Chanel, Prada and branded cigarettes that are being faked and pirated. The names and intellectual property of well-known quality weed strains are being increasingly ripped off too – but without the protection in law granted to legitimate businesses.


THC and CBD: What’s the difference?

With marijuana legalization becoming mainstream, what is the actual difference between THC and CBD? Inside you right now, there’s a biological pathway …