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Top 5 Smoke Pipes/Bongs

A Pair Of Tools Every Grower Needs

For every job there is a tool. Anyone who has ever grown cannabis hydroponically knows that having good, effective tools makes the months long process

Grow Op Odor Management

If you’ve ever chewed the fat with someone who has been smoking cannabis for a few decades, you’ll soon notice that most of those they

Know Your pH Levels

New growers will no doubt scratch their heads and reach for the pipe when asked about pH. The pH of something, usually a liquid, refers

Growing & Lighting Your Crop

For those of us that have smoked marijuana, the thought of growing some yourself has flitted through your mind – everyone wonders about growing a

Locating Your Summer Crop

Planting marijuana just anywhere won’t do. Choosing the proper growing location is of paramount importance to the success of the crop. Whether it is just

Growing At Home

So most of us smokers have run out of grass at an inopportune time, whether it be at a party or just at a time

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