Mama Publishing Gardens Series

Mama Publishing Gardens Series
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Mama Publishing Gardens Series

The Very Best Grow Books Available Worldwide!

The Best of Organic Gardening
(Indoor & Outdoor) by Karel Schelfhout & Michiel Panhuysen:
624 pages / 580 illustrations /
550 contacts

The Best of Hydro Growing
(Indoor & Outdoor) by William Texier:
368 pages / 130 illustrations /
1700 contacts

The Best of Indoor Growing
(Soil & Hydro) by Jorge Cervantes:
536 pages / 410 illustrations /
1700 contacts

The Best of Medical Marijuana by Michka:  320 pages / 420 illustrations /
350 contacts

The Best of Indoor Gardening
(Bio & Hydro) by Léon-Hugo Bonte:
300 pages / 432 illustrations /
600 contacts

457,000 copies sold!

“A highly anticipated book.”


“Never before has there been such an important contribution to indoor cultivation… and readers finally have access to these Gardening Bibles.”


“Outstanding drawings. I keep my reference copy close at hand.”


Mama Publishing Gardens Series

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