10 Best Weed Pipes On The Market

Comparison of the best 2019 Weed Pipes

When it comes to hand-held weed accessories, pipes are the classic choice. Here are some of the best weed pipes currently on the market.
Weed Pipes are fantastic as a tool to use to smoke cannabis. It makes it easier to pace yourself, saves bud, and is easier to use than rolling a joint or a blunt. There are so many to choose from, though! Which pipes are the best weed pipes?

10. The Classic Glass Spoon

The Classic Glass Spoon Weed Pipe Hey, sometimes you just like to stick to your classic glass pipe. You don’t need any fancy designs or built in lighters!

The Good

These pipes are typically sold in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They are also available almost anywhere, so you don’t need to hunt hard.

The Bad

Make sure you get these from a good source. Cheaper spoon pipes can have rough edges and may be made of thin, easily-shattered glass. By the way, are you curious if the U.S. is the best weed country of the world? Find out right here!

9. Solopipe

Solopipe The second piece on our list of the best weed pipes is the Solopipe. This one is absolutely genius. It’s a weed pipe and a lighter all in one! You fill the bowl (supported by mesh) with weed, and then, using your thumb, hold down a trigger to activate the attached lighter. You inhale as you normally would, through the mouth piece. No need for a carb on this pipe. It’s smooth, sleek, and totally cyberpunk.

The Good

The Solopipe is convenience in a single apparatus. The sleek, rectangular shape makes it easy to store. The sliding lid on the bowl allows you pack some bud to take on the go. The attached lighter is perfectly placed and easy to trigger- but not too easy. You never have to worry about accidentally setting it off. Plus the futuristic nature of the Solopipe makes you feel like a cyborg. That’s always fun.

The Bad

To get the lighter to work (and thus the entire pipe), you need to fill an inner chamber with butane. If you’ve never filled anything with butane, or if you’ve never even held a butane can, this can be a bit difficult. It gets easier once you learn how to do it, though. And because of the fixed position of the lighter, you can’t edge the bowl. Getting high or stoned is nice, but have you ever gotten too high or too stoned? We got some very useful tips and tricks for whenever this happens. Read it here.

8. Prometheus

Prometheus Weed Pipe This pipe is great for a number of reasons. The glass is surrounded and encased by thick aluminum so that if you drop it, it won’t break. Perfect for parties and for those who are prone to dropping things.

The Good

Aesthetically speaking, this is a beautiful pipe, which is exactly why it’s one of the best weed pipes on the market today. It has a nice weight to it, and fits well in your hand. The bottom of the bowl is also flat, so you can set it down between hits and not have to worry about it toppling over and spilling your bud.

The Bad

The bowl is big, but it’s also quite deep. This might not seem like a bad thing, but when you’re enjoying a solo sesh and don’t want to pack a full bowl, lighting up can get tricky. The Prometheus is much better suited for large group use. Planning to cut some weed yourself?!

7. 25mm Sherlock

25mm Sherlock Weed Pipe If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Sherlock Holmes, Grav is giving you a chance. It’s shaped like Holmes’ iconic pipe and hits as smooth as Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice. It also comes in different colors, which is an added bonus.

The Good

This pipe has a nice, swooping shape that fits well in your hand.

The Bad

Because of the shape, you run the risk of weed and ash getting stuck in the middle of the pipe. As with the Prometheus, the bowl may be too deep to light easily.

6. Green Slime Color Changing Inside-Out Twist Pipe

Green Slime Color Changing Inside-Out Twist Pipe Whew, that was a mouthful. This beautiful pipe from Glassheads is one of the best weed pipes around. And it actually does change color the more you smoke from it.

The Good

The pipe is made from thick glass and has a cool design woven throughout it. The bowl is also a good shape and size.

The Bad

Not for people who like their pipes to have a consistent color.

5. Glow in the Dark Spoon

Glow in the Dark Spoon Yes, it really glows! Another piece from Glassheads, this entry on our list of the best weed pipes will make you nostalgic for those glow-in-the-dark star stickers you put on your ceiling when you were a kid.

The Good

The glow factor will wow your friends and provide entertainment for hours. Or fifteen minutes. Either way, it’s novel and just unusual enough to hold your attention. Definitely one of the best weed pipes currently available.

The Bad

If you’re trying to discreetly smoke a bowl outside, this is not the pipe for you. There are few things less discreet than a pipe that glows electric blue.

4. Santa Feo Pipe

Santa Feo Weed Pipe Designed by Steven Mattern, the Santa Feo Pipe is one of the best weed pipes you will find anywhere. It’s innovative, clever, and aesthetically pleasing. What makes this pipe so special? It has three different sized bowls attached to it.

The Good

Three pipes in one! It’s also made out of wood, so you get those nice, foresty notes under your smoke.

The Bad

Wood tends to be flammable and can scorch easily. If you’re accident prone or have terrible luck, maybe stick to metal or glass.

3. Helix Multi

Helix Multi Weed Pipe If you are still intrigued by multi-use pipes but don’t like wood,  Grav’s got you covered. The Helix Multi has three interchangeable heads to attach to the main chamber, giving you the option of using a one hitter, a spoon head, or a bubbler.

The Good

The Helix Multi is one of the best weed pipes for fans of glass pipes. It’s also a great investment if you don’t have a lot of storage space for your weed accouterments.

The Bad

Convenience comes at a price. Treat your pipes well and don’t drop them.

2. Gandalf Pipe

Gandalf weed Pipe For all you fantasy enthusiasts. A Gandalf pipe has an extra long stem and generally looks like the pipe that Gandalf the Grey smoked out of in “Lord of Rings.” This one from Gogo Pipes is made of glass, but there are wooden ones, too.

The Good

This pipe has a nice, long stem and a big bowl that lends itself to hefty hits of your finest pipe-weed.

The Bad

The glass is thin, so if you’re smoking with a clumsy stoner, you might want to hold the pipe for them as a precaution. And also hit them with a “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

1. Fumo Pipe

Fumo weed Pipe The Fumo Pipe is essentially a hand-held, ultra-portable steamroller. Almost everything is better in miniature!

The Good

Packs a punch in a great way. Also comes in a few, beautiful colors.

The Bad

Minimally high-tech, but there’s still a learning curve to get your perfect hit.

The Final Hit: Today’s Best Weed Pipes

There is just no beating the traditional weed pipe. As cannabis tech continues to progress, companies are finding new ways to innovate this long-cherished smoking device. But at its core, a good pipe is pure and simple. The pipes on this list are sure to give you a top-shelf smoking experience that is at once classic and cutting edge.

SOURCE: GreenRushDaily.com 


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