The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Los Angeles

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The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Los Angeles

Los Angeles or L.A., nicknamed City of Angels is considered the cultural center of the United States and is the most populous city in California. Hollywood sign is the first thing that comes to mind on the mention of the City of Angels. However, L.A. is not just about Hollywood or cultural activities anymore. It is rapidly growing into a pot-friendly place.
The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Los Angeles
Although not a perfect cannabis destination but California has long experience, for around two decades, in medical marijuana. The Proposition 215 allows people the right to obtain and use cannabis for any illness through the recommendation from a doctor. This is the reason why along with the online weed dispensary, many cannabis stores are also located in every nook and corner to cater to the needs of people needing cannabis for medical purposes.
However, usage of recreational or Adult use cannabis got a kickstart under Proposition 64 upon certification of the November 2016 ballot results. Though the use of recreational marijuana is legal in this city but still using it in public is not encouraged.
Under Proposition 64 anyone 21 years or older are allowed to purchase, possess and consume cannabis in any form and is allowed to plant, cultivate, harvest, process etc no more than 6 plants either indoor or in a locked area not seen from normal view.
The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Los Angeles
The city doesn’t have Amsterdam like 420-friendly places yet, but it still has a few places where you can enjoy legally after getting stoned.
So, if you are looking to get stoned and having some fun in this crazy colourful city here’s a handy guide for you.

The Toy District

The toy District- located in downtown L.A, the technicolour multilingual, multicultural area consisting of pastel shades one and two-storied buildings is the largest market here housing over 500 toys and electronically related businesses, and it is a place to be if you are travelling high.
Here along with a famous Bong Alley, you’ll find lots and lots of baby Jesus figures, Disney Frozen Princesses and party supplies. Anyways, head straight to the Bong Alley if you want to buy glass pipes, cheap detox drinks or cool pothead toys.

L.A. Derby Dolls

L.A. Derby Dolls in downtown L.A is Los Angeles’ original all-female quad-skate banked track roller derby league. This spectacular and chaotic high-speed roller derby is best enjoyed if you are high on green crack. Along with high-speed skating, enjoy a DJ playing between the matches and variety of food trucks to curb your hunger. However, be smart while getting high, be discreet and instead of making smoke rings use a vaping pen.
The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Los Angeles

io West

You are high and you want to spend some time laughing, don’t miss this comedy club located on Hollywood Boulevard. Here some of the brightest improv performers put up amazing shows every night of the week. So smoke up and sit in the corner and laugh your guts out.

Drive-in Theaters

We don’t talk about Los Angeles without the mention of movies, after all, it’s the Hollywood city of America. The Tinseltown once had drive-in theatres in abundance, surprisingly, there is now just one remaining drive-in theatre here from the list of 338 such theatres across America. So this is something that should not be missed when you want to enjoy your high out in the open with some nice 80s or 90s Hollywood movie playing in the background.

Where to go when hunger strikes?

According to Eater, L.A is considered the best restaurant city in the country where you can find many fancy restaurants. It’s also a stoner’s paradise where foods trucks can be found in abundance at any time of the day or night. So if you are high and missed your dinner, fret not, there will be a food truck serving yummy burgers, pizzas or Asian foods right around the corner.
Although the law for use of recreational cannabis in L.A. was passed in 2016, the sales officially became legal January 2018 first week onwards. With the jump start of the legal sales of recreational cannabis, many joints and cafes have mushroomed offering cannabis-infused foods and drinks. And many members-only clubs and restaurants allow to bring one’s own stash and smoke up.
Alchemy Lounge and Hitman Coffee Shop: Alchemy Lounge and Hitman Coffee Shop are amongst the places which allow you to enjoy the joint freely and responsibly. But you need to be a member of such places in order to enjoy the privileges.
Many private weed dinners have popped up recently and have been serving medical cannabis-infused foods and drinks since 2016. Popcultivate and Cannabis supper Club with some star chefs are such popups.
The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Los Angeles
Many restaurants and bars such as Gracias Madre, Moon Juice, and Pattern Bar have been serving CBD infused food and cocktails since 2016. So if you wish to have some CBD oil in your coffees or smoothies these places will gladly oblige upon request.
So, the next time that you go to Los Angeles and want to include some cannabis to your itinerary, make sure you take help of this handy guide.
Enjoy Responsibly!
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