Weed and Making Love

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Weed and making love can be a beautiful pairing.

By weed, I mean bud, hash, tincture, magic brownies or any Cannabis product that people ingest to get high. By making love, I mean just that. I don’t mean it just as a euphemism for the act of sexual intercourse; I mean doing things that bring people closer together. Taking care of a mate with the flu may not be sexy, but it is one way to make love.
Sexual preferences and orientation are only important to you, your partner, and potential partners; to anyone else it’s a bit of trivia about you that doesn’t make any real difference to anyone else but the nosy and the close minded. This article is written from a heterosexual male point of view, but only because that is what I happen to be. I also happen to prefer sweet weed over savory weed, and manage to do so without looking down on people who like a harsher smoke.

Things to do with your loved one:

Spend time together. Split a bowl, tend to your closet-ful of marijuana plants together, trim up together at harvest time, roll joints together, watch TV, or make love together. Making time for each other is an important way to keep connected.
Let them know that you think of them when you are apart. With today’s technology, there is no reason not to slip in the occasional “just because I love you” email, text, or phone call into your busy schedule.
Talk about anything together. Serious talk, silly talk, talking about nothing and everything. Being able to sit and talk about mundane things in day-to-day life bodes well for being able to talk about secret fantasies and sexual wants later. Touch just to touch. Hold hands, put hands on shoulders, scoot together on the couch. It’s a natural tendency; even a well-loved pet tends to want to be near and touch their favorite human. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with your own favorite human as well, and ask any cat owner, curling up together sometimes leads to purring. Be friends. Just because you are sleeping together, there is no reason not to be best friends as well. Share hopes, dreams, disappointments and sorrows together. It helps build trust, and trust is essential to opening up together in bed. Drive-by kisses… even a moment together passing in the hall can be a way to nurture each other. Even if you are both busy, a minute or two spent together can lift both your spirits, and help bolster each other against the difficulties of the world. Shotgunning… this tends to work better if the other person is expecting it. Take a hit, and kiss, gently passing the smoke to your lover. If one of you coughs, try not to cough in your lover’s face. Keep in mind that sometimes the need to cough is sudden and without warning. The most appropriate response to getting accidentally coughed on is to giggle uncontrollably at the other person.
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Which weed to get wild with?

Sativas: Fun, adventuresome</em/
Sativas tend to have a more uplifting, mental high. A nice choice for unwinding with before letting your hair down with something fun, or trying something new. It can make for an energetic – if occasionally giggly – experience.

Indica: Relaxing

People frequently mention that a strong indica can have an effect known as ‘couch lock’, where one tends to sit and fixate upon watching movies or playing video games. Indicas are an excellent adjunct to slow, sensuous, touchy lovemaking. Watch your partner’s body instead of the screen, and give your attention to fun that gives you attention, and fun, back.
However, to really get it right, try a variety at different times and find what works best for you and your partner. I have a female friend who becomes very aroused every time she smokes Super Critical Haze, and swears by it. Experiment with different types until you find your best match. As in older versions of the story, just keep looking for Cinderella’s fur slipper until you find the perfect match for you.


Cannabis to some can be a very erotic aroma, and can heighten olfactory attention. Fresh buds can be sniffed and savored before lighting. Gently-blown smoke across skin can be worn as a perfume. For a sensual experience, get high with your love, and then take turns closing eyes, smelling jars from the spice rack in the kitchen, and guessing at the contents. Remember to inhale lightly however, since snorting a snoot-full of pepper may be something of a mood killer. Just remember to move any stray jars out of harm’s way if the two of you decide to do some ‘cooking’ of your own in the kitchen.
Inhale your love’s scent. Before you wrinkle your nose, I’m not talking about sticking your nose in someone’s armpit – unless that is something that sounds good to you. Just hold your love close, kiss them along their neck below one of their earlobes, and inhale. Smell is a memory trigger; memories and particular smells are often linked. Taking the time to learn your love’s scent will help the memories of your intimate times together last. When apart and missing the other, scent on a pillowcase can sometimes offer solace by assisting in wishful thinking or fantasizing.
Your love is not the only sexy scent that can be used to help set the tone and make memories; scented candles, incense, perfumes, colognes and oils can all add to experiences. To strengthen the sexual association, consider keeping certain scents just for lovemaking. Perhaps you could make a pre-foreplay trip to pick out perfume or cologne used just for making love together. Letting your mate pick out the fragrance that they like best on you can be very sexy, since you’ll be wearing it just for being close with them. These days, you can even purchase a variety of Cannabis perfumes.
Learning your lover’s favorite nonsexual aromas can be used to heighten romance as well. The smell of freshly-baked bread or hot peach cobbler may not be overtly sexual, but they are very nice. For others, bacon, lavender or cinnamon might be favorites. Pleasant aromas encourage the occasional sniff, and prepare the nose to be receptive to some of the muskier scents of lovemaking.


Sight can be a powerful aphrodisiac. A gentle curve of skin, pretty lingerie, and a well packed bowl of kind bud can turn a viper’s head and keep it turned. Moistened lips pursed and drawing on a pipe can be a suggestive sight. As a tip for the guys, if she primps and dresses in a way that you like, make sure she knows you appreciate the effort; unless you show you care, she won’t know you do.
Since heavy breathing around growing plants is good for the plants (extra CO2), it might be of use to note that Metal Halide (MH) bulbs give off a bluer light than High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, and human skin tends to look more natural and attractive under them.
Watch your love: how they move, how they react. Flushes, blushes and twinkling eyes are all signs of how your partner is feeling. Memorize the face of your love, so you can bring it to mind to comfort you in times of absence. Let them see your love and desire for them in your eyes and body movement, inside the bedroom and out.
Sunlight, grow lights, candles, and moonlight can all supply differing intensities of light. One nice thing about making love is that it works well under a much wider range of suitable lighting conditions than when growing marijuana plants. Try a variety, and repeat the ones that work the best for you two.


Hearing can be very evocative. Imagine the sound of a lighter, followed by bubbles rising out of water; a pause, and a cough. Since, my gentle reader, you are reading something titled Weed and Making Love, I’d bet that the image that forms in your head thinking of those sounds involved a water pipe (bong), even though no mention of it was made directly. Sounds can evoke memories, and romantic music in the background, low enough to still hear each other, is a time honored tradition for many couples. Listen to your love; not only to their words, but to their body language, and how their body reacts. If you listen closely, you can learn their likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams. How a person breathes changes as passion builds, and gives cues as to the level of excitement your partner is feeling. A couple’s moans and grunts are a language of their own, and a worthwhile one for them both to become fluent in. Find ways to communicate to your love that work for the two of you, and listen to what they have to say. It is a wise couple that cares and is supportive the other, and is cared for and supported in return.
For some, whispered words of love and sexuality can be very arousing. Pillow talk before, after, and for some couples during, can help bring the two of you closer together.


Marijuana can have a variety of subtle flavors when smoked. Some are fruity and sweet, others savory and sharp. It isn’t a matter of one being ‘right’ and one being ‘wrong’, it’s about finding the right match for your taste.
Cannabis is known to elicit a response known as ‘the munchies’; an increased appetite where eating is a more pleasurable experience than normal. Feeding each other a variety of crunchy, chewy, sweet and salty snacks could be the start of a very sexy evening. The foods that a person finds sensuous are often decadent favorites, savored and enjoyed. For some, suggestively shaped foods like oysters and bananas can excite; for others, sliced fruit dipped in caramel sauce can lead to an interesting dessert. Chocolate and honey are two traditional favorites. Chocolate slowly melts when exposed to body heat. Honey drizzled and licked from various places can be exciting for both lovers. Keep in mind, a little goes a surprisingly long way – a couple pieces of chocolate can provide a lot of flavor over a pretty fair-sized area; too much can become sticky, and may be a prudent activity to reserve for bathtub fun.
Skin also has taste – as do intimate parts – and clean parts tend to taste better than when they are less fresh, so be considerate of your partner. Kisses are a nice way to taste each other.


A flame gently touching the edge of a well-cured nugget can bring out the delights hidden within. . A similar gentle touching behind the ear, and down the curve of a neck can have a similar effect between lovers. There are nerves dedicated to sensing touch over most of our bodies, take some time to explore some on your partner besides just the favorites.
There are many different sorts of touches, find the ones that work best for you and your love. Simple touches during the day can communicate connection, and affection. Touches that are more intimate can be a stronger statement of these feelings. A touch that raises goose bumps is an indication of a sensitive spot, a touch on the shoulder can be reassuring and tender. In the throes of passion touching can be fevered and urgent. Skin to skin contact can lead to holding each other as closely as is physically possible, and is a perfect time to connect emotionally with the person inside.

Wrapping it up

What is right for you and your love isn’t necessarily what’s right for other couples, and vice versa. There are many different people in the world, and many different tastes. Just as there is more than one type of weed to enjoy and explore, so are there different ways to show love for each other. Find the ones that the two of you enjoy, and share them with each other. As long as it helps the two of you be close, it’s making love.
Peace, love and puka shells,


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