Marijuana and Sex

Stephen Andrews
20 Jan 2022

A lot of users say that marijuana enhances their sexual performance. In relationships, weed can be a spellbinding ingredient that leads to better arousals, more intense intimacy and orgasms. Several separate studies appear to confirm anecdotal evidence that marijuana can work as an excellent aphrodisiac. The latest study was done by Spanish researchers at the University of Almeria, who reached out to hundreds of young people to assess their substance consumption habits and how weed affected their sex lives.

Spanish researchers recently surveyed 274 individuals to evaluate the connection between their use of cannabis and alcohol and their sexual performance. The observational study found that those who used weed alone reported better orgasms and higher levels of arousal than people who consumed alcohol only, or who refrained from use of any substance. 

The research findings correlate with previous studies as well as a lot of anecdotal evidence where marijuana users claim smoking and toking enhance their carnal needs and activities.

The Spanish study focused on young people aged 18-30 and found out those who consumed marijuana before sex reported more satisfying experiences than those who didn't use it or who mixed consumption of alcohol and weed. 

The University of Almeria researchers included 89 male and 185 female participants to gauge their substance use habits and how it affected their performance in bed. The research excluded individuals who took other drugs or had health conditions such as depression or diabetes. Each participant was asked about their age, sexual orientation, sexual function, educational background, cannabis and alcohol habits. 

Generally, both male and female youths who consumed marijuana on a regular basis were more likely to report better sexual function than those who said they didn't use weed. The research also found that cannabis users reported more arousals and better orgasms, but not more desire than non-users. 

The researchers however noted that the study has "some limitations [that] need to be considered." They wrote, "the number of participants in this study was relatively small, the study findings should be interpreted cautiously." Also, the researchers collected self-reporting data from the young people and their responses may not entirely resonate truth. Another limitation is that the study looked at short-term use; researchers said they would like to see how marijuana affects the sex lives of young people over a longer period of time. 

What does previous research say?

Regardless of the limitations the Spanish study has, the research findings appear to align with previous research conducted on this topic as well as anecdotal evidence, which generally indicates that cannabis has excellent aphrodisiac properties and enhances sexual performance. There are also specific cannabis strains users can try to boost their libido.

One previous study had found that nearly 70% of people who use marijuana before sex experience more pleasure. Another study found that men and women who consumed marijuana daily had 20% more sex within the last 30 days than study participants who abstained. A third study had found that cannabis offers queer men anxiety relief before sexual acts, resulting in more intimate intercourse. And a fourth study had found that marijuana helps women experience more intense orgasms. 

Despite there's mounting evidence that marijuana can spice up the sex lives of peoples, some individuals report that weed does the exact opposite for them. It kills their desire to have sex or maintain an erection. This should come as no surprise as every person is different and each human body has a unique interaction with cannabinoids entering their system. The type of strain used or the amount of marijuana consumed will also factor in how good stoned sex can be. 

marijuana and sex.

How to use marijuana for better sex?

There are several things that partners who engage in sex can do, to enhance the experience and have a blissful time together. 

Pick the right strain.

Marijuana strains come with various effects. Some are more likely to make you happy, enthusiastic, creative, sexually arouse you, and so on. Overall, sativa products may work better than indica when you want to use marijuana for stoned sex. Some hybrid strains also work as powerful sex drive agents. If you see that smoking a particular strain immediately makes you feel more sleepy or lazy, change your stash and try a different type. The same "rule" applies when you notice some strains give you anxiety or heart palpitations after consuming them. 

Start with little.

Don't pressure yourself or your partner on how much to smoke. Everyone responds differently to weed, so what works for one person might not match the effects for the other. Sometimes a person will only need a little to feel more aroused, and sometimes much more to "get there." Getting high is a gradual process, so ingesting or inhaling too much too quickly will not necessarily lead to intense sexual intercourse. A safe "strategy" how to "exploit" weed for great fun in the bedroom is to start with little and see what happens next. Use a "booster dose" later on to intensify all bodily sensations once again. 

Use a lot of lube!

We all know what cottonmouth is. A big glass of water should help fix this issue when the mouth cavity gets too dry from smoking marijuana. However, there are also other orifices in the body that could use some extra moisture when stoned sex is about to happen. Hello, vagina! Hello, anus! Dry sex can hurt and might not be as pleasant; marijuana amplifies all these bodily sensations. Using a lot of lubes can really help, and if you want things to get even more exciting, you can look for "weed lube" products. 

Avoid edibles.

Edibles are probably not the best way to Netflix and chill. Although they are very popular right now—edible retail matches or outperforms flower sales in some places—when it comes to sex and libido, edibles can be unpredictable. You can't know when exactly it's going to hit. It's also very easy to overdo edibles and get a high that will not translate into a mood for sex. Fans of edibles can still give it a go, especially if you have found a product that you know how to dose. If that's what works for you, then OK! 

Whatever you do, play safe and have fun!

Stephen Andrews