how long does cannabis stay in your system

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System?

It’s an age-old question. No matter if you are an experienced user or just starting your endeavors with marijuana, you may be wondering how long does cannabis stay in your system. Cannabis is now being used by many people, whether for medical or recreational purposes. Most states in the United

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CannaTrade 2020 Postponed for May next year

The new edition of the oldest cannabis fair in Europe, CannaTrade  was supposed to take place in Bern, Switzerland in May 2020. However, due to the current coronavirus pandemic organizers have now postponed the event for May next year.  According to the official website of the organizers, the new dates for the International Cannabis Expo in Bern are May 28

Can Cannabis Counter Aging in 2019?

Can Cannabis Counter Aging in 2019?

The health benefits of both CBD and cannabis have so far shown positive results. When it comes to cannabis and the aging process, not only can we rest assured that this may be extremely beneficial in reversing aging, but also as an important supplement containing flavonoids, terpenes, and more! Visit any medical marijuana shop, and you’ll see why! A 2017

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Kritikal Bilbo COVER

Kritikal Bilbo

Genetics: Afghani crossed with Skunk Flowering time: 45-55 days Harvest month: Northern hemisphere, September Southern hemisphere, March Total life cycle in weeks: 8 weeks. Very

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Kerosene Krash® COVER

Kerosene Krash®

Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Sherbet Flowering time: 8 weeks Harvest month: October Plant size: Compact Yield indoor: 400-500 g/m2 Yield outdoor: Over 500g per

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Gorilla Girl XL Auto COVER

Gorilla Girl XL Auto

Genetics: Gorilla Girl® (SWS74) x Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76) Flowering time: 9 weeks from germination Plant size: 60-120 cm Yield indoor: 450-550 g/m2 Yield outdoor:

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420 Day

420 day or Cannabis day

Four-twenty is slang for marijuana consumption Today is the unofficial holiday celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts, in honour of  Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry

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