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04 Nov 2022

Whenever I take a break from growing, I am anxious to restart all over again even long before the buds from the previous harvest are over. But this time the stock was starting to run low and, for me, autoflowering strains have always been the first choice when I need to harvest as quickly as possible. Coincidentally I received some seeds of the new Sweet Mimosa XL Auto® (SWS94), a 4th generation autoflowering strain recently released by Sweet Seeds®. Want to know more about this strain and how it performed in my indoor growing area? Then read on and join me on this sweet adventure!



If you have ever tried or heard of this strain, you may already know that Mimosa is a hybrid obtained from crossing Clementine (Tangie x Lemon Skunk) with Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple), one of the latest and most popular strains on the US cannabis scene. Sweet Seeds® introduced autoflowering traits by using the exquisite Cream Mandarine Auto® (SWS29). The resulting hybrid is Sweet Mimosa XL Auto®, a plant that still has the same characteristic aromas and flavours of the original Mimosa.

The adventure begins

For my growing area of 1 square metre, I decided to use 9 plants in 11 litre pots. I used 10 seeds, just in case one did not germinate, but they all sprouted. The first 6 sprouted in 36 hours and the other 4 did in the next two days. I used the kitchen paper method to germinate the seeds, but first I soaked them in water for a few hours to soften their shells.

They were first placed in 500 ml pots and, about 20 days after germination, they were transplanted into the final 11-litre pots. All plants developed with extraordinary vigour from their first days of life.

For the flowering stage, I used a substrate mix composed of soil from a famous brand specialised in cannabis nutrients, to which I added 10% perlite, 5% earthworm compost and 50 grams of powdered bat guano per plant.

After transplanting them into the final pots, they were placed under 600w HPS lights. I still like to use HPS lighting when growing in the middle of winter, because the high-pressure sodium bulbs produce enough heat to compensate for the cold nights and also help create a dry environment, which can be very useful if the last weeks of flowering coincide with a period of high humidity.

The plants loved the new substrate, with more space to spread their roots, as well as the powerful light with all the lumens they needed for their thriving growth and a perfect spectrum for explosive flowering.

The beautiful colours and sweet aromas of the flowering stage

Around day 34 after the appearance of the cotyledons, the first pistils started to clump together to form the first flowers. Sweet Mimosa XL Auto® stretched a lot in the first weeks of flowering, the plants grew in height from 20 cm to about 60 cm in just two weeks.

This well-balanced Indica-Sativa strain normally develops a long main cola and many strong side branches, where numerous good-sized flowers start to form at around day 40 after seed germination.

At this time, I noticed a very high density of flowers inside my grow tent. It looked like a real jungle, so the RVK extractor fan was crucial for a proper air renewal. Around day 45, it was time to give the plants a flowering fertiliser, as they had already used most of the nutrients in the soil mix.

A week later, I administered another dose of fertiliser as well as CalMag just to be sure they had everything they needed at this critical stage of flowering. On day 55 from germination, this great autoflowering strain was already showing all its splendour.

We really have to give credit to the breeders at Sweet Seeds® for their great work with this strain. The plants showed marked homogeneity, not only in their structure, but also in terms of resin production and aromas. At this point, 4 plants started to develop purple tones in the leaves and flowers.

This can be an extra reward for any grower, as the contrast between the green and reddish colours on the cannabis plant is pure enjoyment for the eyes. The flowers were completely covered with sweet and aromatic resin. From day 52 onwards, they only received water, to make sure that any traces of fertiliser were completely removed from the roots on the day of harvest.

Harvest of Sweet Mimosa XL Auto®

With the XL Auto range of the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection, a grower can be sure to harvest high yields. I was able to confirm this once again with this lovely strain. Specimens behaved like photodependent plants in their 30-day growth cycle before flowering.

Their height was about 90-105 cm and all were full of side branches with heavy buds. I was also able to harvest all plants on the same day, as there was very little difference in maturity between the 9 grown specimens.

They were harvested exactly 65 days after the appearance of the cotyledons, with large, compact flowers, fully covered with trichomes, even on the surrounding leaves. During harvest, the whole house was filled with incredible aromas with earthy undertones and citrus tones of orange and tangerine.

They were very easy to trim, as the calyxes were exceptionally swollen and the calyx-to-leaf ratio was one of the highest I have ever seen in an autoflowering strain. In just 3 hours all the flowers on the 9 plants were trimmed and placed on a drying rack.

The flowers were then dried for 12 days and placed in glass jars. Sweet Mimosa XL Auto® is very productive. I got between 35 and 45 grams per plant, a total of 375 g of fragrant resinous buds from the 9 plants. About a week after they were placed in the glass jars, I tried it for the first time, both smoked and vaped.

An amazing final taste

It is really pleasant to smoke and vape this delicious plant. Flowers are so compact that, when they come out of the grinder, they seem to have expanded somehow.

As regards terpenes, the original Mimosa, from which this strain derives, has a high content of myrcene, as well as some pinene and caryophyllene. I tried a couple of puffs ‘dry’ (i.e., before lighting the joint) and the aromas were out of this world.

The delicious Sweet Mimosa XL Auto® reveals notes of fruit and orange flavours that cause an explosion of sweet freshness in the mouth and nose. After lighting the joint, an earthy background takes the lead.

Citrus aromas linger in the mouth for a few minutes after the last puff, producing an incredibly fresh, hard-to-forget sensation that often leaves you wanting more.

The THC levels of this strain range from 19% to 23%, so you can expect a potent high that comes just moments after the first puff. Many medicinal cannabis users can benefit from the effects of this strain, especially those who are looking to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

In addition, this jewel of the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection has a lively and happy effect that stimulates the imagination and creativity. In short, it is an autoflowering strain that every cannabis grower should try at least once. We wish you a sweet smoking or vaping experience!

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