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Hempzon Expo 2020 COVER

Hempzon Expo 2020

The second edition of Hempzon Expo will take place on 27 and 28 June 2020, in the Fondouq Hall in Dudelange (Luxembourg). The exhibition takes

Building a Budget Grow Room COVER

Building a Budget Grow Room

Being a cannabis user, and not being able to grow your own, is frustrating. You spend a lot of money, on overpriced, low quality cannabis.

An Interview With Manki Farms COVER

An Interview With Manki Farms

  In a world where CBD products are popping up all over the place, Soft Secrets sat down with Benjamin from Manki Farms in Switzerland

Soft Secrets 01-20

Issue 01-20 [pdf-embedder url=””]

White Widow COVER

White Widow

Resin on resin This simple-to-grow indica-dominant plant grows into great harvests of enormous and dense flowers in a short time. The large amount of resin


Seeds & Clones

We’ve all heard of the huge greenhouses that today’s marijuana companies are employing to grow our favorite green. They have spent tens of millions of


Killer Kush. For those who want it all

A wonderful medium-sized, autoflowering hybrid with a very high yield and an excellent smell. It flowers in a few weeks, is very easy to cultivate

Dinafem -CBD-Amnesia

Dinafem CBD Amnesia

I was sent some Amnesia CBD by Dinafem and told they were an excellent performer, with a cannabinoid profile of 8% THC and 10% CBD.

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