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Quick Dinamed CBD COVER

Quick Dinamed CBD

Genetics: Quick Dinamed CBD Flowering time: 48-53 days Harvest month: Mid to end of September Plant size: 3 m Yield indoor: 500 g/m2 Yield outdoor:

Orange Juice COVER

Orange Juice

Genetics: Orange Juice Flowering time: 63-70 days Harvest month: Early October Plant size: 3 m Yield indoor: 500 g/m2 Yield outdoor: 800 g per plant

Mr. Gelato Ice COVER

Mr. Gelato Ice

Genetics: Mr. Gelato Ice Flowering time: 55-60 days Harvest month: Late September-early October Plant size: 2 m and 2.5 m Yield indoor: 500 g/m2 Yield

Malawi x PCK COVER

Malawi x PCK

Genetics: Old Malawi Killer (sativa) x Pakistan Chitral Kush (indica). F1 hybrid. Flowering time: 9-11 weeks Harvest month: 2nd-3rd week of October Plant size: 1.5-3

Life Guard CBG

Life Guard CBG

Genetics: Hemp cbg x indica/sativa hybrid Flowering time: 7 weeks Harvest month: October Total life cycle in weeks: 12 weeks Plant size: Outdoors 2.2 m

Cookies Auto

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush Auto (Indica 50% Ruderalis 50%) Flowering time: 8 weeks Harvest month: April – October Plant size: 1.5m Yield indoor:  450g/m2 Yield


Purple Punch: A purple dream of resin

Barney’s Farm strain story Words & Pics: Green Born Identity – G.B.I. There are only a few cannabis strains that have buds which go purple

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