R.I.P. In Memoriam - In Memory Of Nevil Schoenmakers

03 Apr 2019

The Master Of Haze

Way before femenised seeds and any other haze variety that finished in 10 weeks, there was a man who walked the Earth named Neville Schoenmaker who single handedly fine tuned the greatest Haze varieties around. Rumoured to have lived in a Cannabis Castle mansion, Soft Secrets pays tribute to a true pioneer who sadly passed away at age 62.

Who Was Nevil Schoenmakers?

An old school member of the Dutch cannabis scene when Holland was still the pinnacle of Cannabis in terms of breeding, Nevil was born in Australia in and with both parents being Dutch meant he was entitled to dual citizenship. It was in the late 1970’s when Nevil decided to move to Holland and enjoy the freedom and underground nature that the Cannabis scene provided, as well as the opportunity to work with indoor lighting.

The Seed Bank Of Holland

In 1984, Nevil started his own seed bank which allowed the general public to access his work that comprised of all his private collection reworked into different lines. This gained great popularity from U.S growers as well as European growers. Some of his most memorable work is Super Silver Haze, G13 x Skunk, G13 x Hash Plant, G13 x Haze, Neville’s Skunk, Silver Pearl, Northern Lights #5 x Haze and most famous Neville's Haze. It was during this time when Nevil was able to work with indoor lighting and to grow the more demanding sativa strains he had acquired around the world, seen as some of the original breeding blocks in the Cannabis scene. It was rumoured that Nevil lived in a mansion in Holland that was named the Cannabis Castle where he had all of his grow rooms throughout the house, however as he kept such a low profile this was just a rumour. It was in 1988 when Nevil unleashed his Haze upon the Dutch. After the commercial demand for Haze variety in the U.S slowly diminished, as growers who were also moving indoors wanted varieties that were better suited to their practical needs. Long flowering sativa varieties unfortunately lost a place in a grow room and the same mind set is actually the same to this day in the U.S. The Haze Brothers who were responsible for the Haze hybrids being produced in the States, took a trip to Holland and the stars aligned for the Cannabis world! It was around this time Nevil was cleaning up winning cups and knocking people dead with superbly potent flower and offering Haze hybrids that showed true hybrid vigour and enormous yields. 

Operation Green Merchant

The Drug Enforcement Agency targeted indoor cultivation, the sale of growing equipment and Cannabis seeds. In 1991, Nevil was arrested whilst in Australia where he was jailed for 11 months. Afterwards was then extradited to the U.S to face the brunt of the D.E.A who had racked up 44 charges. Luckily, Nevil was granted bail and whilst facing a career ending threat, decided to go off the radar and basically vanish. During this time was when Nevil sold his seed bank to Ben Dronkers who created Sensi Seeds. Nevil would make his much awaited public return in 2015 after waiting for the charges in the U.S to be dropped, where it was the Australian media who reported his return working for AusCann, as head breeder.

The Pioneer Of Hazes.

For those who are in the know, Holland is famous for its 5 Haze cuts which are A5 Haze, C5 Haze, H.P.H, AG13 Haze and Neville’s Haze. Nevil was a black belt when it came to creating heart thumping, sweat inducing, cerebral roller coasters and nothing beats Neville’s Haze. Neville’s Haze will take 16 weeks to flower meaning that if you plant her outdoors in a Mediterranean climate the grower can harvest in December. Indoors she requires extreme patience and will reward you will some of the strongest Cannabis you will have ever smoked. Modern day watered down Haze hybrids have lost the original characteristics that made Neville’s Haze so notoriously potent. That wispy bud structure, aggressively vigorous growth in both veg and flower, 14-16 week flowering time, spicy, earthy, haze taste with a heart thumping, sweaty palm, curtain twitching effect. The original Neville’s Haze seeds are like gold dust and those lucky enough to breed Neville’s work will now continue a legacy that paved the way for so many across the globe. Make sure that every year at March 30th, you light up a Haze joint in memory of a legend who left his mark on the Cannabis scene for ever and will never be forgotten! In Memory of Nevil Schoenmakers : 1957 - 2019