Virginia Brand Introduces Brand New CBD Popcorn Flavors

Stephen Andrews
03 Sep 2021

Your no ordinary movie snack is here. A bag of Lammar Marie Gourmet Popcorn has three servings dosed with 30mg CBD. Popcorns are available in two flavors.

Lammar Marie Gourmet, a black-owned family business based in Virginia, releases CBD popcorn in two flavors - snickerdoodle and buttery white cheddar. Those who want to munch CBD popcorn can buy them at Gourmet's store in Richmond or make orders online.

For those not familiar with Lammar Marie Gourmet, it's a brand that sells a luscious array of popcorns. From candy gourmet popcorns to savory gourmet ones. Signature popcorn flavors from Lammar Marie Gourmet include lemon cheesecake, chocolate, double chocolate sea salted caramel, and butterbeer.

Introducing CBD-infused popcorns is a novelty for Lammar Marie Gourmet. 

"We always want to wow our customers with every new flavor launch and gift offering. With trends showing increasing interest in CBD products, it's only natural we add CBD to our offerings for them," says Rialand Lammar, chief pop master and director of deliciousness at Lammar Marie Gourmet Popcorn, in a press release. 

"We're hoping people who already love the benefits of CBD discover a new way to enjoy it that's full of flavor," adds Lammar in the release. "We also want people who are curious about CBD to consider giving it a try because they already love and trust Lammar Marie's Gourmet Popcorn. It's already been a big hit with our earliest customers."

CBD edibles such as some yummy CBD popcorns are increasingly in demand in the USA. Popular CBD products include chocolates, gummies, coffee, tea, and more. Since CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, it's not mind-altering and doesn't cause feeling high. Users remain fully sober after ingesting CBD edibles and what they do experience is the pure therapeutic effects of cannabis. 

According to Market Watch, the CBD market will continue to grow by as much as 33.5% in the next five years. More and more people show interest in CBD products as there's also a growing number of available goodies such as Lammar Marie Gourmet's new popcorns. 

To find out more or to purchase some luscious CBD popcorns from this brand, visit their official website 

Stephen Andrews