Valentine X Medical Strain

Stephen Andrews
11 Feb 2022

When someone says St. Valentine's, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is the celebration of love and romance. St. Valentine is associated with the tradition of courtly love, however, his figure also stands as a patron saint of epilepsy, among other things. A cannabis strain that carries the name of this patron, Valentine X, aka St. Valentine Weed, is a 50-50 hybrid with powerful medicinal properties, including the treatment of seizure disorders.

Valentine X has an amazing CBD: THC ratio of 25:1. It is a variant of ACBD, another cannabis strain known for its healing capabilities. 

Valentine X is a commonly used medicine among epilepsy patients. However, it's also used to alleviate pain and inflammation, stress and anxiety, and can help those who undergo cancer treatment. For some people, Valentine X also works to spur creativity and productivity, as it calms the mind and improves focus. 

With an extraordinarily high CBD content against a low level of THC, Valentine X is not the type of strain for those who seek to get high. However, it will still help improve mood and stimulate a tingling, euphoria-like sensation. 

Valentine X has a strong, pungent aroma, with a dominant sour and earthy scent. Users who are new to cannabis may be overwhelmed by the smell initially. 

How to use Valentine X to benefit your health?

Given its high CBD content, Valentine X does help people tackle various medical conditions. As a daytime smoke, Valentine X is perfect for clearing focus. And it works as a potent agent for relaxing and sleeping in the evening.  

The different sensations from Valentine X depend on how much you consume. A small amount of CBD is likely to energize the body. A more considerable amount may have a more sedating effect, which does promote sleep. 

In larger amounts, Valentine X relaxes the muscles, supports a good night's sleep, and reduces inflammation and sensations of pain. However, the primary use of this medical strain is to offer relief from epilepsy symptoms such as seizures. 

As far as side effects are concerned, Valentine X may cause the typical dry mouth sensation. Users sometimes report they feel extra thirsty as the strain kicks in. In rare cases, Valentine X can cause a headache, which is a sign you should slightly reduce the amount you take on the next rounds. 

Can you grow Valentine X at home?

While Valentine X is fairly easy to supply from a medical dispensary near you, it can also be grown at home. The strain can grow indoors and outdoors and requires minimal attention and effort. 

Valentine X plants grow tall, so that's one thing that can get tricky if you have the plant inside. Regular trimming in this case is recommended. 

One of the best things about this medical cultivar is that it's resistant to pests and diseases, so you will most likely have no worries about it. 

The flowering time for Valentine X indoors is 8-10 weeks. Outdoors, the plant requires warm sunny climates to succeed. If you seed it in early August it will be ready for harvest by mid-October. Its yield is moderate both indoors and outdoors and is around 15-16 ounces per plant. 

Stephen Andrews