Tips and Tricks on Growing Vigorous Amnesia Haze Plants

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26 May 2021

Amnesia Haze has an extensive flowering time. Indoors it can range from 10 to 13 weeks, and outdoors around 10-11 weeks. November is the month for outdoor harvest, but if you are living in areas where cold temperatures persist during the fall months, you should avoid taking your plants outside.

With its jubilant uplifting and elating effects, there's a little doubt Amnesia Haze is one of the favorite cannabis strains all around the world. In pre-pandemic times, it has been one of the reasons cannabis tourists flock to Amsterdam — just to get an authentic taste of it. 

Pandemic times or not, you don't need to travel abroad to get a taste of Amnesia Haze. You can always grow it yourself. However, cultivating this strain might not be so simple. Growers need to consider things like climate and flowering time before they decide to tend strains such as Amnesia Haze. In this article, we've summed up some key information that should help you grow beautiful and healthy Amnesia Haze with generous yields.

Some Basic Info About Amnesia Haze

It's quick to give you a trippy high effect. While the name may indicate a partial loss of memory, this strain is predestined actually to help users create really great memories. It has won the best sativa title twice at Cannabis Cups in 2004 and 2012. 

Genetic lineage: It's 70% sativa and 30% indica. Soma's Amnesia Haze goes back to the early 2000s. It's an award-winning cannabis strain that combines Laotian, Jamaican, and Hawaiian sativas, diluted with Afghani indica for flowering purposes. The strain differs from original Amnesia, which displays more indica-dominant phenotypes than Amnesia Haze. It also differs from Super Silver Haze, for which you can pick some growing tips here

Lifestyle: Perfect choice for recreational smokers who are also keen growers. It can also help medicate. Users describe Amnesia Haze buzz as happy, cheerful and uplifting the spirit. 

Medical uses: It can help people treat stress, mood disorders, anxiety, fatigue, lack of appetite, or pain. It boosts motivation and improves focus. 

Grow difficulty: It's not the easiest cannabis strain to grow, and it requires warmer temperatures to succeed. If big drops in temperatures mark the fall season in your part of the world, then you should consider moving your plants inside or opt for cannabis strains that actually won't mind the cold. Given that environmental factors allow you to grow Amnesia Haze, with some effort and moderate knowledge on growing, embracing the tips on this page, you should do a fine harvest. 

Flowering time: It's a long flowering sativa, so it takes quite a while for Amnesia Haze to flower and yield. It takes between 10-11 weeks for the strain to flower, and one of the challenges is to ensure proper growing conditions consistent through the cycle.

Yield: High yields. Around 25 ounces per plant, but slightly less than that if growing indoors. 

Smell and flavor: Pungent, strong earthy odor 

Side Effects: Compared to other sativas, Amnesia Haze has relatively few adverse effects. It might cause regular dry mouth and dry eye sensations, but staying hydrated will help you address any such issues. A very small number of people might experience paranoia, so if you are one of them, try not to overconsume or opt for something that better suits your body and brain. 

How to Overcome Growing Challenges with Amnesia Haze?

Amnesia Haze has an extensive flowering time. Indoors it can range from 10 to 13 weeks, and outdoors around 10-11 weeks. November is the month for outdoor harvest, but if you are living in areas where cold temperatures persist during the fall months, you should avoid taking your crops outside.

Determine if you grow your plants outside or inside based on the local climate where you live. Amnesia Haze requires consistently warm temperatures throughout the entire growing cycle. The optimal temperature range is between 70-85°F (21-29°C).

Besides flowering and climate, another thing you should pay attention to when growing Amnesia Haze plants is your space. Plants grow tall and stretchy, so consider establishing clones straight into flowers. Even if you have sufficient space for cultivating tall plants, growers are better off when they space out between each plant. Spacing out will enable lateral branches to breathe and access more light as they stretch out from the thick central stalk. The indoor space needs to be well-ventilated at all times. Consider trimming the plant's broad fan leaves so that air and light can reach the lower parts of the plant.

If you are growing outdoors, use large pots to accommodate your plants. You will also need to prune regularly to keep the shape and size of the plant tidy. If you want to get Amnesia Haze with an authentic smell and taste, use organic soil to grow your crops. If you are growing inside, you can also set up hydroponics.

How to Feed Amnesia Haze Plants?

As with other factors, Amnesia Haze plants require more care with food and nutrients than other crops.  Use organic liquid fertilizer solutions to boost the immunity and resilience of your Amnesia Haze crops. One solution that works excellent with this strain is compost tea. Learn how to prepare compost tea for your cannabis garden here

Once you have your compost tea ready, put it in a spray bottle, and apply directly to the plant's foliage. This will help the plant's good bacteria combat harmful bacteria. Through its stomata, the plant will also absorb micronutrients that will support its growth process.  Solutions such as compost tea will keep the plants safe from pests and invaders. 

Should You Grow Amnesia Haze If You Are New Grower?

As much as enthusiastic you might be about growing Amnesia Haze in your own yard, wait to grow this strain until you are ready and have the necessary grower experience. While the problem is not the moderate difficulty for cultivating Amnesia Haze, it falls down to the diverse gardening skills growers should master to grow a strain like this. When you grow simpler strains, you can hone those skills one by one.

Some specific challenges will come when Amnesia Haze plants enter the flowering stage and when suddenly the amount of work required to be on top of the gardening responsibilities doubles. Novice growers might also not be as much time-committed time to grow this crop. Solely preparing the compost tea will require a good amount of time. Regular pruning to regulate the plant's size and shape also sucks time, as are regular checks if the plants receive sufficient light and air.

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