Relax with Cannabis, De-stress with Cannabis: Start A Diary

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05 Jul 2020
For all those who want to relax with cannabis or de-stress with cannabis, keeping a cannabis diary is a great way to track down which strains may make you feel more relaxed and comfortable and which may keep you awake or more stimulated. Many cannabis users write a cannabis diary for the sole reason to discover what are the right strains for them. So, if you are suffering from a migraine, a diary may be a useful tool to check what strains are best to help you cope with the migraine, or if you are sensitive to marijuana to track down which strains are lighter to consume without causing unwanted effects such as greening out.

Relax with Cannabis, De-stress with Cannabis

We live in a world where the recreational use of cannabis is becoming increasingly acceptable in social circles, as well as more countries are making it legal to consume.  Cannabis can be a great “weapon” against accumulated stress from everyday hardships, either illness of physical workout, or mental ‘torture’ from work or life itself. Therefore, it’s no surprise why more and more people nowadays unwind and de-stress with cannabis.  The benefits you can gain from marijuana are numerous. Ask any recreational marijuana smoker and they’ll turn quick to say what an effective relaxant this substance is. Some of their most common answers would be to relax with cannabis or de-stress with cannabis. Perhaps get creative with it.  So, not only people use cannabis as their preferred treatment for a chronic ailment they might struggle with, but they use cannabis to relax, enjoy, and be happy.  relax with cannabis, de-stress with cannabis

Cannabis Diary

If you are going an extra level with your recreational use of marijuana, starting a cannabis diary can be a convenient way to list down information that can help you optimize your experience of the magic plant. People use diaries to put down their thoughts on just about anything, so there’s nothing wrong with keeping one just for your ‘getting high’ times.  A lot of potheads are already familiar with the idea of keeping a cannabis diary. Users may write a diary for different things. Homegrowers may use a diary to keep important information about their grow room. And those who smoke occasionally are prone to write what comes to their minds when they consume marijuana.  Here are some cannabis topics that you can certainly share a thought about in your diary writing. 

Starting Mindset

This is one of the most common things cannabis users write about. It is about writing what is in your mind before you consume various cannabis strains, and how that mindset may change afterward.

Cannabis Dosage 

You can also write about the effects of the different doses of various strains. To note the difference between what happened when you took little and what happened when you took a lot.

Cannabis Taste and Smell 

Another exciting aspect is taste and smell. And this is pretty useful, too. We already know that some strains are named because of the specific flavor or smell they may emit. But knowing the exact effects of taking a lemon haze or orange haze is a different story. Some cannabis users love to know the taste and smell of each strain if they can. We also tend to remember the smell of our favorite strains. 

Cannabis High

Hazy? Funny? Giggling? Laughing out loud? OK, if you are in a laughing mood you are probably unlikely to write down anything. But just when you have the will, it’s interesting to note all those different “highs” you get to experience from the different cannabis strains you try. You’ll notice that some strains give a more head ‘high’ than a body ‘high’ or that a certain strain enables you to better enjoy your favorite music album while you are high listening to it.

Cannabis Effects

Medicinal marijuana strains are specially bred to bring about certain desired effects. So, noting down the cannabis effects can be particularly useful to track the results of different strains and how they may affect your health condition if you are using it for treatment.

Types of Cannabis Products

Space cakes. Chocolate truffles. A bar of affogato. Juicy pineapple delight bites. Raspberry macaroons. Cheeba chews. Watermelon tarts. And whatnot. Cannabis-infused products are abundant today and some just prefer the foods to smokable marijuana. So, writing about this in your diary is an excellent way to know which cannabis edibles work best for you.  Writing a cannabis diary can help you understand your cannabis needs much better. Not only will you discover other strains; you can also identify strains that you don’t like, hence avoid buying them in the future. 

Cannabis strains for relaxing

A lot of smokers write down their experiences on cannabis because of the vast number of strains available. So, it’s somewhat hard to know what cannabis strain can help you de-stress with cannabis and relax the most. If you wish to chronicle this information, see below how you can structure it. Plus, explore some enthusiastically relaxing strains as you skim through.

Pink Champagne

Effects: Pink Champagne offers you deep relaxation with a happy, euphoric feeling. This strain can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Taste and Smell: Berries and Grapes. Ken’s Phantom, Wow Kush, and Raspberry Kush all belong to this strain. Pink Champagne is the offspring of Cherry Pie and Granddaddy Purple.

Alien Bubba

Effects: Alien Bubba offers you relaxation with a euphoric, sleepy feeling. This strain helps you de-stress with cannabis and relieve pain and insomnia. Taste and Smell: Floral and earthy. Alien Bubba is the offspring of Alien Kush and Bubba Kush. Using it is an excellent way to relax with cannabis.


Effects: Chupacabra makes you relax and de-stress with cannabis with a happy, euphoric feeling. This strain helps you with stress, insomnia, and depression. Taste and Smell: Tropical fruits. Chupacabra is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. This strain is the offspring of Island Sweet Skunk and Hawaiian Romulan and was bred by Colorado Seed Inc.

Legend OG

Effects: Legend OG offers you deep relaxation with a happy, sleepy feeling. This strain helps you with your stress, pain, and insomnia. Taste and Smell: Floral and tart. Legend OG is a phenotype of OG Kush. It brings about substantial effects if consumed in large doses.

9 Pound Hammer

Effects: 9 Pound Hammer offers you deep relaxation with a happy, sleepy feeling. This strain helps you with stress, pain, and insomnia. Taste and Smell: Lime and Sweet Grapes. 9 Pound Hammer is the triple cross of Hells OG, Gooberry, and Jack the Ripper, and was produced by JinxProof Genetics. The strains we are mentioning here will certainly help you with whichever activity you engage with after smoking those buds. 

Other ways to relax with cannabis 

For creative folks, you can just have a diary where you write short fiction after you smoke weed. Perhaps you already know people who use cannabis for boosting their creativity. Or, it doesn’t have to be writing. You can keep a notebook with drawings that you do while under the influence. Some people are better with the brush after they smoke, or some are better at DJ-ing. So, there’s really no limit on how you can use cannabis to relax and de-stress. If you ever run out of ideas on how to spend time while you are high, you can always reach out to your pothead friends and ask for more new ideas.  Just if you cook while you are high, don’t forget to switch off the oven
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