The Perfect Grow: How to Set Up a Grow Tent

Soft Secrets
19 Jan 2023

In the first episode of The Perfect Grow, professional grower Drew Anger sets up a small growing tent that can accommodate four cannabis plants for indoor growing. The budget for the equipment he uses is $1,200. Is it easy to set up a grow tent? Well, it’s fairly easy if you follow Anger’s instructions. Even if you are setting up a grow tent for the first time.


Grow Tent Equipment:

  • Modular tent with multiple pieces of covering
  • Holding bars to hang utility
  • A power bar to bring electricity
  • Ventilation system (exhaust fan, carbon filter, ducting)
  • Light hangers and LED lights
  • Small oscillating fan
  • Temperature and humidity monitor

Setting up the Grow Tent

In the video, our friend Drew is using a modular design with three pieces of covering, from the brand HOMEBox. If you use a similar model, all you have to do is just click together all the pieces till you have the frame of the whole tent together. When the frame is done, open up the covering and stretch the pieces along the frame.

Always start by installing the covering on the bottom of the frame, then drip over the bigger pieces over the top of the frame. In the end just connect the upper and down parts of the tent. If you have to do this with one piece of covering it’s much more difficult to stretch and it’s nearly impossible to do so without the help of another person.  

How much time does it take to set up the frame and covering of the tent? It will take about 15 minutes to set the tent, even if you are doing this for the first time. The instructions are pretty straightforward. Just click together all the pieces to form a frame of the whole tent together and then do the covering bottom up.

Proceed with adding four bars at the top of the tent that will serve to hang utility needed for growing, such as lights and ventilation.

For power inside the tent, simply zip a power bar on one of the rear frames. Place it high enough and on a spot that’s easily accessible at any time.


Ventilation Equipment

Ventilation is crucial to bring fresh air and carbon dioxide for the plants to absorb and grow. And the carbon filter is there to help eliminate probably 95% of the smell that the plants are going to release.

The first piece to install as part of the ventilation equipment is the exhaust fan. You can mount it on a scrap piece of plywood and hang it between two of the bars that you placed on the tent ceiling. After that, hang the carbon filter using light hangers and connect it to the exhaust fan.

Complete the ventilation system with ducting that you can take through a hole on the upper side of the tent. You can set the ducting to go out of the window or in another room. It doesn’t matter so much because most of the smell will be taken care of by the carbon filter anyway. 


Next install the light holders. You can use the remaining bars on the top of the tent to do that. In the video, Anger is using a Spider Farmer SE 5000. It’s a 480W LED light that doesn’t break the bank, dimmable for all stages of growth, nice and cool for a small grow of four cannabis plants. 

Hang the lights with the rafters from the tent using two ratcheting light hangers. Then set the light timer to be on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours. Normally, the light settings will need to change as you go through the different growing stages. For example, when the plants reach flowering time, the lights will need to be dimmed down to 12 hours of light and 12 hours off. But for the starting setup, the 18:6 light setting is necessary to trigger the plants’ natural response to start flowering in indoor environment.

Finishing Touches

Complete the grow tent by putting a small flip-on oscillating fan to increase the airflow. And add a temperature and humidity monitor. That’s all that you need for a small grow tent.

When all is set and done, you can move in the pots with your young cannabis plants.

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Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YTAx5ot_WoY

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