New Program for Cannapreneurs in Colorado

Stephen Andrews
01 Feb 2022

Cannabis entrepreneurs in Colorado can now benefit from a newly-introduced technical assistance program designed to provide education on business development within the industry. The Cannabis Business Office announced the free program Monday (Jan 31), in collaboration with Make Green Go!, a firm offering business development services to marginalized communities.

Colorado's fresh new program will use a secure learning management system and will include educational videos, coursework, and more. Participants can progress with the curriculum at their own pace and access study materials on-demand. The educational program is free of charge, however, it will require participants to register for an account in the beginning. 

The program, which prioritizes social equity, will enable participants to gain practical skills such as developing a business plan, making a pitch, branding, or managing cash and taxes.

The program consists of 15 modules and opens for registration on Wednesday (Feb 2). Each module will take up to 20 hours to complete. 

La Wand Knox from Make Green Go! described the program as "realistic, relevant and just as innovative as the industry itself." 

Colorado Governor Jared Polis also issued a statement. He said: "As the first state where voters supported legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, Colorado is a leader on programs, research and education that continue to create jobs and opportunities in the cannabis industry." 

The governor added: "We are thrilled to announce this work to make Colorado even more of a national leader." 

Tristan Watkins, who leads the Cannabis Business Office, said that the technical assistance program is open to any state resident of Colorado. 

"We will continue to build our excellent curriculum and educational materials that will be accessible and beneficial to the cannabis industry moving forward," Watkins said. "We're not stopping here."

Watkin's office was created last summer thanks to Senate Bill 21-111, which is focused on bringing more social equity across Colorado's cannabis industry. 

The bill launched a program in the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) to support entrepreneurs in the cannabis sector. Besides access to educational opportunities, the bill enables social equity licensees to apply for loans for seed capital and ongoing business expenses, as well as grants to support innovation, job creation, and more. 

Stephen Andrews