Is Marijuana Good for Female Orgasms?

Stephen Andrews
21 Mar 2024

Having regular sex and getting satisfaction from your sexual life is important for health. Both anecdotal evidence and scientific research suggest that cannabis can help improve a person’s sex life, although this may depend on dosage. There’s still so much to learn about cannabis effects on sexual performance and orgasming, however. In a new study, researchers have looked at how marijuana can help women who struggle to get pleasure from sex.

A new study adds evidence that marijuana can be beneficial for those who struggle to experience orgasms. Some of the potential benefits for women consuming cannabis is that it can increase orgasm frequency, boost satisfaction, and ease achieving orgasm, the study suggests

The research results were published recently in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. It’s an observational study by clinical sexologist Suzanne Mulvehill, who’s also the founder of the Female Orgasm Research Institute, and cannabis doctor Jordan Tishler, a Vice President at the institute. 

Anecdotal evidence has proposed for decades that cannabis can help people overcome sexual difficulties. But there has been a lack of scientific probing on the topic. The study authors note that their research is the first to particularly look at female orgasmic disorder. 

Female orgasmic disorder or FOD is characterized by a continual delay or absence of orgasm following sexual arousal and activity. 

The study by Mulvehill and Tishler analyzed the survey answers of 387 participants and found that over half, or 52% of respondents, did experience orgasm difficulties. Marijuana helped improve the intimate experience in a majority of the participants

“Among respondents reporting orgasm difficulty, cannabis use before partnered sex increased orgasm frequency (72.8%), improved orgasm satisfaction (67%) or made orgasm easier (71%),” the authors wrote. 

The study further reveals that a significant number of women with FOD suffered from mental health issues, with 24% of respondents answering positive to this question. 

Some of the most common conditions that the survey participants reported include PTSD (52.6%), depressive disorders (29%), and anxiety disorders (13%). 

Women with FOD were also 22% more likely to take prescription drugs than women without FOD. 

In addition, the study authors note that “women with FOD were more likely to report sexual abuse history than women without FOD.”

Female Orgasmic Disorder As a Qualifying Condition for MMJ

The study authors are actively campaigning to feature female orgasmic disorder as a qualifying condition in state medical cannabis programs. 

So far, four states have prompted an initiative to introduce FOD in their medical programs. The list includes Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico and Connecticut. 

The Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board already voted earlier this month to add female orgasmic disorder as a new qualifying condition for medicinal marijuana. The decision needs to be reviewed and accepted by the state Department of Health in the next steps of the process. 

Ohio authorities may introduce FOD along with autism spectrum disorder, following online petition submissions for both diagnoses. The State Medical Board has proceeded with expert assessment and public feedback on the matter. 

Mulvehill spoke about female orgasmic disorder in a recent interview for Marijuana Moment

“Women with FOD have more mental health issues, are on more pharmaceutical medication. They have more anxiety, depression, PTSD, more sexual abuse histories. It’s not just about pleasure, it’s about a human right,” she told the publisher. 

According to Mulvehill, as many as 41% of women globally are impacted by FOD conditions, a figure that has changed little in the last half a century.  

She was first to file a petition last year, in 2023, aiming to include female orgasmic disorder in Ohio’s list of conditions eligible for medicinal marijuana. 

It’s great to see that Suzanne’s work is delivering an impact and that medical boards across the country are taking this diagnosis as serious and deserving proper medical attention, including the option to be treated with cannabis medicines. 

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Stephen Andrews