Major League Baseball Strikes Historic CBD Deal

Stephen Andrews
14 Oct 2022

Major League Baseball announced that it partners with renowned CBD brand Charlotte's Web. It is the first time a major professional sports league teams up with a CBD brand. The purpose of the partnership is to bring more CBD visibility to professional athletes as well as everyone who follows baseball.

The multi-year deal between Major League Baseball and Charlotte's Web was announced Wednesday, Oct. 12. Charlotte's Web is one of the oldest and best-known CBD brands. Its offer on the market includes various products, including premium CBD oils, gummies, and topicals. As part of the collaboration with the league, the Colorado-based company will include a line of MLB-branded products. 

Major League Baseball announced that it has now "officially opened the category for the league and its Clubs allowing sponsorships with CBD companies that are NSF Certified for Sport." The certification program screens supplements for the presence of any ingredients banned by professional sports leagues. 

"As a leader in the CBD category, with products that provide health and wellness benefits, Charlotte's Web is a welcome addition to the MLB family, representing a landmark partnership in baseball and sports," a spokesperson from Major League Baseball said in a statement. 

The statement adds that Charlotte's Web products have met the highest safety standards. The NSF certification it now receives allows the brand to be promoted across MLB events and associated media platforms. "We are excited about the possibilities this partnership offers as CBD becomes a more widely adopted part of the health and wellness regimen of our players and fans," the statement says. 

Charlotte's Web CEO, Jacques Tortoroli, applauded MLB's decision to bring CBD closer to the sports community. "Bridging our industry-leading brands with science, innovation, and education, this pioneering partnership validates Charlotte's Web's core business principle and founding mission to open access to safe, quality and consistent CBD through our proprietary hemp genetics and industry-forging vision," he said. 

The agreement recognizes that "Major League Baseball now becomes the first major professional sports league to form a sponsorship agreement with a CBD company" and that Charlotte's Web is now the first "Official CBD of Major League Baseball." 

Major League Baseball has recently also removed marijuana from its strictest classification. The effort is part of a broader rethinking of substances policy within the league. The league now treats marijuana the same as alcohol, meaning players caught using marijuana are referred to voluntary treatment instead of being fined.

While MLB has removed cannabis from the list of abused substances for which it tests, its players' union have agreed to a policy where it tests players for opioids and cocaine. 

Stephen Andrews