Lemon, Pepper or Water: Sobering Up from Being Too High

Soft Secrets
17 May 2021

Try grazing some fruits, nuts or cheese, to reconnect with reality. Don’t try to be a chef now because you will probably burn up the kitchen. A slice of lemon will also do wonders when you end too high and incapable to stand on your two feet.

Before you jump with your prejudices and conclusions, just remember: it can happen to anyone, from enthusiastic amateurs to daily marathon professionals. Feeling too high can hit in the first half an hour and last up until two three hours later. Even more than that if you ate too many space cookies and you didn't cut on the booze. 

Being too high might look very entertaining to your friends. It's okay as long you are only rolling down the floor and laughing out loud, but sometimes it can be pretty unpleasant and uncomfortable. Maybe you just overestimated yourself, or simply, you are a low-tolerance consumer. Blame it on the moon. No matter how many times your parents told you that drugs won't work, and in these moments, you kinda remember those words (or rather your brain is a carrot, and you miserably fail to construct a simple sentence), there have been zero reported cannabis overdose deaths in history. This is not an encouragement to show off before your audience! Hopefully, you won't get in this situation that feels like you are dying, but below are some helpful, friendly tips to overcome the crisis if you do.

Let’s Get Things Clear First: How Does It Feel To Be Too High?

You feel like everybody is talking behind your back, or maybe you feel you’ve lost your phone, and you check over and over again. Movie night can turn into a real psycho-drama. Anxious, panicked, paranoid, and confused, accompanied by constant sweating. When is this agony going to come to an end?

Seems like that's enough smoke. Is it going to get me too high?

It's Einstein's theory of relativity in practice: a few minutes feel like an eternity, but the symptoms of this “greening out” (imbibing too much cannabis) will be gone within minutes or few hours, and this will be another “roasting” subject to discuss with your friends. To be more specific and precise, these symptoms depend on how you consume the weed (smoking, inhaling, dubbing, and eating), how much you down, and how much you can handle. Sometimes overdoing it will just manifest the next day when you feel the weed hangover.

Speaking of That, It’s Always Good to Know Your Limits

In order to know this, you must have been over the edge once. We learn by our mistakes (or if you are smart, on others), and if you don’t want the previous paranoid episode, be a bit prepared. If you have the urge to experiment for some reason, do that in a comfortable company, where you feel safe and relaxed. Being anxious among strangers at a festival can ruin your next thrill. Don’t be greedy, especially when it comes to edibles. Be patient and wait at least half an hour to take the next piece. The recommended amount is 10 mg or even less if you are a beginner here. When it comes to vaping: avoid sitting and smoking for an hour if you are only an occasional smoker.

First-aid Water and Food!

Really, just water! Forget about the beer, no matter how thirsty you are. Hydration is very important in general, and even more when you are a bit shocked now, and if you think that alcohol can ease you, you are terribly wrong. Alcohol can increase THC blood concentrations. The worst you can do to your body at this point is nabbing down some spirits actually.

Water might be the key ingredient to help you when you feel too high.

Try grazing some fruits, nuts or cheese, to reconnect with reality. Don’t try to be a chef now; stick to the pizza and chips or the chocolate ice creams. A slice of lemon would also do wonders if you end up too high. One of the less-known properties of lemon is that it can reduce anxiety effects, so try juicing it out. Another classic is black pepper. A sniff should offer some relief and comfort from oversensations.

Take Some Rest

We know that this is useless advice, especially when the anxiety hits, but you must remember that this feeling will go away. Take a deep breath and focus on some sound. Lay for a bit in your favorite position and try to fall into a sweet nap. Just thinking of it can be relaxing too. If you can’t rest, take a short walk. If you feel your steps are a bit too nervous, don’t force yourself; just go back and lay for a bit again. Ultimately, have a quick shower with hot water with your favorite body shower gel to dissipate the unpleasant side effect.


At some point, you will remember that it is time to distract yourself from thinking how stoned you are and panicking even more. Coming back to Earth must include your favorite activities. You don’t need to read In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust but try small baby steps like watching a funny cartoon with birds and rabbits. If you find music more relaxing, go ahead, but definitely avoid Wagner. If you wanna play video games, choose some effortless type: this is why Tetris is always a good idea. However, for some people, if you already feel sick, screen time will make you sicker.

If you feel more comfortable with friends, just tell them your fears and sensation; maybe someone shares the same experience, so why not double the trouble? Like happiness, anxiety is genuine when it’s shared. Hug your friends or your partner, suggest a calming activity: try drawing. Perhaps you eventually will discover a new hobby.

CBD and Ibuprofen

CBD is a popular anti-anxiety medicine, and it can help in this battle. CBD will counteract the receptor signaling associated with THC and help you calm down. Don’t underestimate the power of ibuprofen either. It can reduce muscle tension and can regulate your body temperature.

Doctor’s Advice

Don’t feel ashamed if you need medical advice. Yes, you will be surprised to hear that doctors also consume marijuana, and they will respect your privacy even in the states where cannabis is illegal. Always help the medical nerds at University; you never know when they can come in hand. Joke aside, they will work in your best interest, and maybe the white uniform will calm you down, and you can even impress some of the staff on the night shift. Hopefully, it won't be necessary for this type of assistance. If Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog didn't make the flashing headlines with overconsumption, trust us, you won't get there either.

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