Is It Possible to Pass a Drug Test?

Stephen Andrews
10 Aug 2021

If you do not have an ample amount of time for your body to clean from THC, it could be tricky.

It may sound ironic that in 2021 some people might still be subjected to taking a drug test to prove that their body is clean from cannabis. The recent scandal with athlete Sha'Carri Richardson proved that such a test could be trouble even when you're not a habitual or daily user.

Of the recent news that gives more hope, Amazon will no longer test for marijuana for most of its job positions. Despite this may set a new tone for big corporations, prompting them to alter cannabis policies, some recreational users may still end up in a situation where they must take the test. And perhaps their livelihood depends on returning a negative test. 

How can cannabis be detected in the body?

The most common tests use urine or blood samples to detect chemicals such as THC in the person's body. Saliva and hair can also be used to test the presence of the substance. 

For how long marijuana remains in the body, the answer would differ among individuals. Occasional users who smoke up to three times a week and smoke little may return negative urine tests three days after the last time they puffed. Moderate users, who smoke four times a week, may return negative tests seven days after the last time they smoked. Users who smoke daily may want to wait two weeks to return negative tests. And those who smoke multiple times during the day will need more than a month for the body to clean and to return a negative urine test.

In the blood, traces of marijuana can be detected within one to two days after use, but there are cases where THC can remain detectable for 25 days or even more. The amount and frequency of cannabis use can contribute to how long THC stays in the blood. Another factor can be if a person has a particular disease. For instance, an autoimmune disease may affect the normal functioning of the body. Even if the condition is in remission, an autoimmune disease of the bowels, for instance, may still affect how substances are processed in the body, and THC can show on the test even a month after last use, despite the person smoked only once.

With saliva tests, occasional users may return negative tests three days after smoking. Chronic users will need a month to produce a negative saliva test. 

What can you do to speed up cleansing from marijuana? 

Natural cleansing of the body from smoking weed can take place between 30 to 60 days. However, some users may find themselves in a situation where they need to return a negative test faster than that. 

Some general advice is that recreational users do more sports during the period they are taking the break and eat healthy food to speed up their metabolism. Carrots, ginger, beets, and lettuce are great foods that detox the body. Eating them raw will refresh the liver. But it will not necessarily help flush out stored THC, which is usually in the fat cells.

Most people can achieve a complete detox within a few weeks, however, heavy users who've smoked daily for years will most probably fail to detox entirely within such a time frame. If you've smoked daily for an extended period of time, it may take good three months after your last blunt to detox completely. 

Different detox kits are now available to support and speed up the detox process, ideally helping flush out THC in around a week. Some detox drinks can also temporarily flush THC the same day for a couple of hours. So, there are different options, but they would work differently for everyone. Unfortunately, not always are these options a success. 

For instance, same-day detox drinks can simulate a clean body for a short while, which can be good if you are looking for a window of time where you take the test. One issue is that some of these detox products can strip urine of the indicators that testers are checking up to ensure the given sample is genuine. If the detox product affects the color and temperature of the urine or messes up with the pH or creatinine level values, you may be asked to retake the test. 

A more convenient solution is taking a quality detox kit to ensure that THC is absent from your urine sample without affecting other indicators. Detox kits are usually herbal-based and support the body's natural detoxification process. Ideally, this solution will help you cleanse the body from traces of marijuana within five days. In some cases, it may take up to ten days for the supplement to work. 

Look for trustworthy products when you search for detox products. Take a look at the reviews if you are buying online and make sure those reviews are genuine. It would be more convenient if you know a person who has previously used a product and that the product has helped that person. 

Needless to say, for the detoxification process to work, you must completely stop using weed. Not even a puff. 

Can home remedies help?

People are inventive with home remedies and say they will 100% help flush THC from your body. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are some of the classics, or just drinking more tea and generally more liquids to speed up your metabolism. And while such a regime may have a really positive effect on your general health, it may not speed up flushing THC entirely out of your body, so to speak.

What about faking your urine?

It's an old-school gold, and you can still do it, but it's a heck that comes with several risks and limits. For instance, you can't do well with synthetic urine as modern-day labs are equipped with technology that will quickly detect something is wrong and this is not really your pee. 

Also, some tests demand that someone monitors you as you urinate for your sample, making it nearly impossible to smuggle fake pee or someone else's pee.

To sum up, the best way to truly detox is to give time for your body to do it naturally. You can try using trustworthy detox products but always know that you can't entirely rely on these products. If you have the information that you are going to be subjected to a drug test, stop smoking immediately. Sometimes even a day can make a difference. 

Stephen Andrews