Is It OK to Put Alcohol in a Bong?

Stephen Andrews
15 May 2023

If you use bongs regularly, you might wonder if there is anything else besides water that would be appropriate to use and that will taste good when taking the hits. Is alcohol the secret ingredient? Whoever told you this idea, tell them it's stupid, and it's not safe. So, don't try it. If you are in a mood to "crossfade," just take the weed and the alcohol separately.

Replacing water with alcohol in a bong when smoking weed is dangerous. There's a reason why we drink alcohol and not smoke it. Inhaling alcohol is unsafe and might make you feel very sick, very quickly. 

It all comes down to how the body processes substances. That depends on how the substance is consumed. For example, with weed, the effects are easier to predict when smoking. THC enters the bloodstream directly via the lungs, and we feel high sometimes in a matter of moments. When using edibles, you need around an hour to feel the effect as it takes more time for the stomach and liver to process THC. 

Same with alcohol, drinking means the beverage must pass through the gastrointestinal tract before you begin to feel tipsy. In case you try to inhale alcohol fumes, that will hit much faster as you absorb the alcoholic content through the lungs. 

Putting alcohol instead of water in the bong will also compound the fumes. You are replacing what would typically be water vapor in the smoke with alcoholic fumes, and this can be very intoxicating. Every time you hit the bong, you automatically get a combination of THC and alcohol from that hit. 

Another issue with inhaling alcohol is that it's difficult to quantify a "hit" of alcoholic vapor. When you inhale alcohol fumes, it's difficult to say how much you are taking in, and it's nearly impossible to limit that intake. 

Even if you are OK with it, even if you are incredibly tolerant of alcohol, taking alcohol by way of inhalation is generally dangerous. Short-term effects can include dizziness, headache, poor muscle control, and feeling stunned and unable to move around. 

If you've ever "crossfaded" with mixing weed and alcohol on the same night, you should know that things can escalate pretty quickly. It can feel like smoking too much or drinking too much. Know that THC boosts the presence of alcohol in blood, so one glass could be like taking two.  

Imagine that inhaling alcohol fumes together with weed is "crossfading" next level, and it could be much trickier to control. The bottom line is don't do this. It's dangerous, and it's not worth it. You will hardly enjoy your weed or alcohol. It may only ruin your night. If you want to "crossfade," just take the two things separately, drink enough water, and make sure you've properly eaten before that.

Stephen Andrews