Interview with Rick Simpson

Soft Secrets
20 Jun 2011

If you don't know who Canadian Rick Simpson is, then you must read this interview. Responsible for single-handedly introducing thousands, if not millions, of people all over the world to the benefits of medical Cannabis, Simpson's tincture/oil extractions have literally saved lives. SSUSA was lucky enough to steal some time from this busy, busy man.

When did you become aware that the oil from this plant you were smoking could be a potent medicine?

Rick Simpson: I became aware of the fact that cannabinoids are an effective treatment for cancer after hearing a radio broadcast in 1975. The report was read like it was some king of joke, and as time went on I heard no further reports like this so I thought that, possibly, the report I had heard was a farce.

Almost thirty years later I had three skin cancers that had to be dealt with, so an operation was preformed on the cancer that was close to my right eye. Later, I was to return for two more operations on the other cancers. About a week after the surgery had been performed, I was looking at the area that they had operated on when suddenly the report that I had heard years before popped back into my mind.

Since the operation they had done was not a pleasant experience, I was looking for some way to avoid the the two other coming operations. I started to wonder what would happen if I put the oil directly on the two remaining cancers. I went down to the bathroom and applied oil on the two areas and covered them with bandages.

I never felt a thing and four days later, when I took the bandages off, the cancer was completely gone. Within weeks the cancer that had been removed by surgery returned and I cured it in four days also. It was about this time that it finally sunk into my head, what this natural essential oil could do. But from that time to the present it has been an uphill battle to have this medicine recognized for the true healing wonder that it is.

How does the oil kill the cancer cells exactly?

For years we went over scientific reports about the medicinal uses of this plant, but I found most of these reports to be very vague. They always said things like it may, it might, it could; but in reality I learned very little. After years of reading such reports, I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding out how this oil was working all these medical miracles.

But, a couple of years ago, a lady by the name of Batya Stark contacted me with information about the pineal gland and melatonin. Once we connected all the dots it seemed to explain how this oil was having such an effect on incurable conditions like cancer. Many of the chemicals that doctors give us - and substances like fluoride - impair the function of the pineal gland.

When the pineal gland becomes impaired it secretes much less melatonin; melatonin is the greatest anti-oxidant on Earth and it travels to every cell in our bodies. People suffering from cancer and many other conditions have lowered melatonin levels, which allows their bodies to become a breeding ground for disease. When a patient takes the oil it de-calcifies the pineal gland and your melatonin levels go through the roof.

This is, in part, what we believe has a great deal to do with this medication's effectiveness on so many serious conditions. Our endocannabinoid system allows our bodies to absorb the beneficial cannabinoids. This boost in cannabinoids balances the body in all respects and produces full body healing. There are other explanations by those who are much more qualified than myself, but even if I'm not quite correct, I take great satisfaction in simply knowing that this medication works.

How come this relatively simple connecting of the dots with Cannabis oil has never come out in a mainstream way?

The reason this plant's medicinal use is so misunderstood is simply caused by all the misinformation that big money interests shove down the public's throat. Hemp is man's oldest-known and safest medication and its use in medicine is legendary. Up until about a hundred years ago, hemp produced the most widely-used medicines on this planet.

However, its presence was a huge threat to many big money interests so lobby groups greased the right palms in government - and this was how the growing and free medicinal use of this plant was outlawed. Imagine if we were allowed to grow this plant - as we should be able to do for our own medicinal use - the effect this would have on the drug companies? In no time they would be out of business because we would have no further use for the poison chemical trash they have been providing.

Now, I don't mind companies making money, but when that money is made at the expense of the public's health and well-being, something has to change. Cannabis/hemp is a God-given plant and since it is totally harmless, what right does anyone have to tell the human race that its use is restricted? Did these people talk to God and get permission; or was it done just because these heartless fools had the money to make it happen?

How does dosing work?

The dosage regimen is about the same for all serious conditions: build up your tolerance as quickly as possible in the beginning, and in a short time most people no longer feel the oil's effects. With life-threatening conditions like terminal cancer, the idea is to get the treatment into the patient as quickly as possible. I've seen some people with terminal cancer take the whole 60g. (ca. 2oz.) treatment in one month and cure their cancer. It usually takes the average person about 90 days to ingest the full 60g. treatment.

We all have different tolerances for everything; some people can take this medicine very quickly, while others take longer. If the medical system would do tumor inoculations with this substance, the same as researchers have been doing to lab animals for decades; I think doing this would be of great benefit to a patient whose life is threatened. But, since the medical system refuses to do this, we are only left with the option of having the patient ingest the oil as fast as possible. For patients who have lung cancer, I think it's a good idea to ingest the oil and also to vaporize the substance - so the unburned cannabinoids can be inhaled directly into the lungs, where they can go to work destroying the cancer.

Doing the treatment in this manner attacks the cancer from both directions, which I think can increase the patient's chances of survival. The effects from so-called treatments like radiation and chemotherapy linger in the body for years. All the damage these treatments have caused must be reversed in the quickest way possible. In cases like this, the patient will require more than just the standard 60g. treatment.

Quite often it may require 120g. or even 180g. of high grade oil to undo all the damage that has been done. Diseases like MS are very easy to bring under control - if the patient starts using the oil shortly after they are diagnosed. But, for others who have suffered with this condition for years and have taken many chemical medications, it will take much longer to heal.

Can you take the oil along with chemo and/or radiation?

Yes. A patient can take the oil along with chemo and radiation and it would give them a better chance to survive treatments like this.

Lung cancer is notoriously difficult to heal - how effective is the oil here?

Many people that I have put under treatment were lifetime smokers and often, even though they are dying, many people do not want to quit smoking. One of these cases was a 79-year-old man who had smoked all his life and the first thing he asked me was, Would he have to quit smoking? I told him that I didn't care if he smoked during the treatment or not and that the choice was his to make.

His breathing was down to 70% and the medical system didn't even offer treatment; they simply told him that he had three months to live. I really think the only reason that he decided to do the oil treatment was because I did not insist that he quit smoking. He smoked two packs of cigarettes every day during his treatment. Ninety days later his lung cancer was completely gone and his breathing capacity was back to 100%. I think such cases highlight the effectiveness of the oil treatment and dispel many things that doctors tell us.

How many patients have you treated?

I have been directly involved in the treatment of about 5,000 people with many different medical conditions, and countless others have followed my protocols with great results. The success rate is extremely high in the treatment of all conditions and I often tell people that if the oil can't help them, then likely there is nothing that will. If you have been diagnosed with something (like a serious cancer) and you have not had any other treatments, it's almost a given that the oil can cure you.

For those who have been badly damaged by other treatments the success rates are still 70-80%. Even for people who are too badly damaged to save, many can survive for much longer than expected. In the end, when they do die at least they pass away with no pain and they die with dignity. Which is a lot more than treatments provided from the medical system can provide.

Skin cancer is the fastest growing of all cancers. How long does it take for the oil to work here?

In the treatment of skin cancer it usually doesn't take very long to cure the condition, but it does depend upon the patient's own healing rate and how long the cancer has had to establish itself. I have seen many skin cancers cured in a matter of days and it's quite unusual for the treatment to be needed longer than a month. I always tell people to apply the oil directly on the cancer and cover it with a bandage that is not waterproof.

Then apply fresh oil and a new bandage every three to four days until the cancer is gone. I also tell patients to continue treatment for two more weeks after the cancer has disappeared. If they do this it will destroy any cancer cells that may remain and, to the best of my knowledge, all who have followed my instructions have never had the cancer return.


There is no better treatment for arthritis of all forms than this amazing oil - it is the greatest natural anti-inflammatory known to man. We have seen all types of arthritis brought under control and even cured with the use of this substance. So again, why suffer the effects of this condition and the medications the medical system provides? Do yourself a favor and stop using these harmful substances to treat your arthritis; give mother nature a chance to show you what pain relief is all about.

What about side-effects and overdosing?

A great number of people have overdosed with the use of this substance because they did not follow the dosage instructions in the beginning. Of course since this oil is totally harmless and its effects wear off quite quickly, no danger was presented to the patient. This oil is not like the chemical trash drug companies provide, which can and often does cause death. Unlike what the medical system gives us, which can be very deadly if too much is taken, no one dies from an overdose of hemp oil.

How high do you get when ingesting the oil?

Of course a person can become high if they take too much of this oil. But why are people so worried about the so-called high that hemp can produce? Do you know anyone who has died or even been harmed by the effects of getting high on hemp?

I, for one, do not want to take the high out of this medication; it's the high that causes the sedative effect and kills the pain. This was the same lame excuse the drug industry tried to use and they said this was the reason that they wanted to produce synthetic THC.

We all now know, even their synthetic trash gets you high, so what have they really accomplished? Look at the harmful and often deadly highs produced from the drugs that they prescribe to us every day. Drug companies do not seem to be concerned about the deadly and dangerous effects such drugs have upon the public.

How have the law and medical communities reacted to your treatments?

I have been treated very badly by both the law and the medical establishment and they have called me a charlatan and a drug dealer. But how many drug dealers do you know that give their products away free of charge?

I am not here to sell the public anything; I am simply here to bring mankind the truth and to try to ease the suffering of the masses. If indeed I was some kind of charlatan, do you not find it strange that no one in the medical industry can defrock what I have been telling the public> They are the real criminals and they are the ones who are deceiving you, not me.

The Canadian legal system broke every rule in the book trying to make the public believe that I am some kind of criminal. If it's a crime to help suffering and dying people, then I am as guilty as they come. They have given me a criminal record and I wear the badge proudly; one day very soon now the general public will finally realize the real truth. When that day comes, it will be very clear just who the criminals really are and I doubt very much that my name will be among them.

Have you ever been approached by a drug company to mass produce and try to get the word out about your hemp oil?

I was approached by a drug company to collaborate with them, but they can take such offers and shove them where the sun don't shine. This medicine belongs to the people; I would never work with drug companies to develop anything - and why would I need to?

Since it seems that we already have a medicine at our disposal that is far better than anything they have ever produced? It's my point of view that these companies have been killing us long enough. If the drug companies are allowed to get their dirty hands on this oil's future development, curing cancer and other conditions will not come cheap. Luckily for us all, we really don't need them; for now anyone can produce their own medicine.

But it is my intention to try to bring this medicine to the public in the cheapest possible manner. I now have offers from three countries who are willing to turn me loose and, if all goes well, in just a few days from now I will start getting things underway in a big way. Then we will be able to start mass distributing this medication, and in a very short time this oil will be available to all.

Finally, why is your Cannabis oil so much better than others?

The oil that I produced gained its reputation due to the fact that I used the best material possible in its production. I know there are also many others that are trying to do the same thing. But still there are suppliers who are trying to rip people off by selling low quality oil just so they can make more money. In the near future when we have some standards in place there will no longer be any room for rip off artists in the Cannabis oil business.

At present I am not in the position to supply oil, but in the next few months I should have a clinic where people can come to be healed. Until I can get this up and running, I advise people, if at all possible, to produce their own. In the coming months and years I hope to see production facilities in all countries. But I still insist that everyone should have the right to grow and produce their own medicine.

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