Innovative Ways to Smuggling Weed

Soft Secrets
22 Mar 2021

Have you tried it in a cattle? Of course, that won't help much if you are trying to get some weed on that summer music festival.

Like it or not, very often you have no other choice but to smuggle your weed somehow! You use secret codes with your dealer or friend, you have a special place in your house to keep it, and that is somewhat manageable, right? But, when it comes to crossing borders and bypassing customs officials, you kind of need some acting skills and boost of confidence.  Some people make a living out of trafficking, and there are people who just need to do that a few times a year for like when they are at an open music festival or holidaying somewhere. So, let's steal some practical tips from both these groups of people!

Smuggling the Small Festival Amount

Hard to imagine at this time of world pandemic, but back in the day, we regularly had things like crowded music festivals and marijuana was mandatory at places like that. Hopefully, the festive times will return to us once this pandemic is over. Hiding the weed for these ocassion has been abundant with creativity. From foods to pets - we have seen it all! Here are some tips from the brave-hearted folks!

Clothes and shoes

Bra is already out, since we have seen it on every possible movie scene, but pants or skirts will do. Although we have seen hard security fellas, they will rarely check the backside of the skirts or pants, especially with all those people waiting in a queue. And remember, if you are smuggling in your underwear, put at least two pairs of them. We don’t recommend taping to your body parts, though! It's not like you're undergoing a physical examination at the airport. If you have put it in your shoes, just try not to move in extreme ways, and you are almost there!


A stick of deodorant or any kind of cosmetic bottle would do. Empty it out, then cut it off and put the stick over your weed, so it looks like normal. And yes, you have to look normal and clean too, cause you are using this lovely beauty product!
A fancy-looking golden pipe with golden color.
While you may be at ease carrying your smoke pipe back home where weed is legal, don't take these devices when traveling abroad. It could be a deadly giveaway you are carrying something that's supposed to be illegal.


Favorite to the smugglers of both categories! Large amounts or just a bag of chips - it seems the easiest way to mask your stash. The sad news is that security smells these things first! Be creative, sandwiches, cans, jars, bags, and bottles!

Flashlights or any battery-charged gadget

Just have a good alibi: why the flashlight is a must to the festival or your camping trip to Spain!? If it’s your ultimate dancing gadget, choose a colorful and shiny one, something that looks unsuspicious and clean. Just take out the batteries and replace them with your bags of pot. You might consider doing this with your old phone as well and go with the vintage innocence!


We all have them in our bags, not only the nerds. Take out the refills and replace them with joints. Put some other pencils or crayons and have a paper with some sketches, so it won't be awkward. Let’s say that you are going to be the fake tattoo artist at the festival! Worth trying!


Of course, it has to be long. Wrap the bag in the ponytail and put around a nice scarf, something that will match your style. If you have big bushy hair, even better. And remember, confidence is everything!
Cigarette smuggling with a book.
Someone thought to smuggle cigarettes into Germany with a book, but customs officers in Munich caught them. While we won't recommend repurposing a fine, ancient-looking book into a smuggling device, this does look a compelling method for weed smuggling.

Smuggling Larger Amounts of Weed

Now, let’s see some stories of real professionals. And yes, we do not encourage you to try this! These testimonials are coming from all over the world, but we must admit that Mexicans are absolutely ruling the trafficking throne.

Using a bus ride

Buses seem to be a very popular smuggling method from both big and small smugglers. Who would check a loaded bus on the border? Well, there is always a place for the wrong turn of events. An even more stupefying story comes from Ecuador, near Quito, when in a tragic bus crash, with 24 dead and 22 injured people, officials discovered 637 kilograms of marijuana tucked in the bus.

Emergency vehicle

Running out of weed should be listed as an emergency, right? But these guys in Argentina really nailed it with using an ambulance vehicle and an actual fake patient inside when they were stopped by the police who found 400 kilograms of marijuana. Sounds urgent to us!

Mexico’s chronicles

The U.S.-Mexican border has always been notoriously associated with illegal immigration and also untold quantities of drug trafficking camouflaged in all kinds of transportation and everything your brain can imagine. The controversial wall project of the former U.S. President Donald Trump would not necessarily stop smuggling. In fact, its effectiveness has always been questioned, and for things to be worse, the wall has already helped violate human rights. “If you can make us wall, we will return you with a tunnel,” Los Angeles Times published a story for a sophisticated tunnel, with a drainage system and trolley which was actually discovered in 1990, with a length of 273 feet from a large hacienda in Agua Prieta, Mexico to a storehouse in Arizona.
Colorful bunch of rolling papers for weed.
Minimize carrying any paraphernalia. Do anything that will make you less suspicious.
Beyond this, there have been some very unlikely means to smuggle weed, such as a medieval weapon. Whoever thought that catapults were good for smuggling drugs they were pretty inventive. Several different catapults sent from Mexico have been intercepted by authorities containing weed in the past years. Smuggling also goes hand in hand with modern technology. Drones obviously enjoy extreme popularity in the drug trafficking community. And according to Popular Mechanics, only in 2012 were reported over one hundred attempts to transport drugs over the border. California and Arizona have commonly been the final destinations of weed drones taking off from Mexico. The problem with these big flies in the sky is that they are noisy and can be easily lowered down, and the amount of drugs they can carry is insignificant for the effort.

Holly cow!

Keeping in mind that Delhi is the third-largest consumer of cannabis in the world, according to some reports, dealing and smuggling weed does not come as a surprise. We all know that cows are sacred creatures in India, and that proved to be helpful when it comes to dealing too. Who would suspect the innocent animal’s food? But great minds think alike, and successful police action in the northern state of Haryana, on January 3rd, 2021, discovered 2,233 kgs of marijuana worth Rs 11 crore (approx. $1,504,284). Yes, this was found in a truck with animal fodder disguised in cottonseed bags, a byproduct of cotton, also popular as cattle feed. Well, eventually, the police had learned the lesson from September 2020, when some officers, again from Delhi, managed to seize 160 kgs of marijuana from a trafficker, only reporting 1kg. Disce errato! We all learn from our mistakes!
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