Hydroponic Methods – Aeroponics

Soft Secrets
12 Apr 2019

For those of you that enjoy a good sized project, aeroponics is just up your alley. This hydroponic method was first introduced in Israel in a large scale commercial greenhouse. They grew food, but this method can be easily adapted to growing killer cannabis as well.  

This method is a spinoff of the Nutrient Flow Technique (NFT) – the setup is almost the same. What changes, though, is the method of delivering the nutrient. Instead of having the nutrient flow over the roots in a stream within a wide pipe or tray, the nutrient is blown on in a fine mist via a special nozzle, much like the fuel injector in your car. This method isn’t used much.

The major consideration is initial cost. The price of running plastic pipe adds up quick. Another consideration is the fact that no way so far has been found to keep the nozzles from being clogged by nutrient crystallization. A few different approaches were tried to keep the nozzles from clogging and all are very expensive. The best idea was to spray pH balanced water through the nozzle before the nutrient had been delivered, clearing the nozzle that way. This required a second pipe to be run for water, immediately almost doubling cost.  

The primary saving grace with areoponics is fast, massive growth. You don’t grow tubers like carrots with hydroponics. You grow green leafy plants, such as our favorite green. Foliage growth is fast and prolific. Another great thing about aeroponics is the savings incurred by delivering less nutrient. That is, the nutrient solution is very dilute because it is being applied directly to the root. The norm with aeroponics is to use half the strength that your container of raw nutrient has printed on it.   I have yet to hear of a marijuana operation being grown with this method, although the theory of it is sound and the results are supposed to be spectacular.

Soft Secrets