What to Look Out For in a Grow Tent

Stephen Andrews
13 Apr 2024

Grow tents are probably the most convenient way to grow cannabis at home. You can grow indoors with and without a grow tent, but when you have a tent a lot of the things can go a lot easier. Nowadays there is a huge market for grow tents. There are so many brands for tent equipment that it might be a headache to make the right choices. In this article, we’ve prepared a list of what to look out for in a grow tent.

1. Lights

One of the main reasons growers opt for cultivating marijuana in a grow tent is that tents can help optimize the use of indoor grow lights. The best tents are completely packed with grow lights. Once everything is installed, the entire canopy of the plants can be provided with light, without light dispersing out of the grow area. Look for tents with overlapping velcro flaps to seal off corners and edges, as well as zip-draws for any ventilation or cord ports. 

2. Reflective interior 

A highly reflective interior lining is a valuable addition to every grow tent. Reflective interior covers are made of mylar or patterned fabrics, and they can enhance the distribution of light to parts of the plant that usually remain underexposed to light. When all parts of the cannabis plant are evenly exposed to light, plants have more balanced growth and they increase on the yield. Look for a reflective interior with a minimum 90% reflectivity rate. 

3. Zippers 

A common weak point in many indoor grow tents is the zippers with which you enclose the operation. Zippers are used every single day and the wear and tear can do its thing if the zippers are low quality or badly constructed. The harder it is to zip the tent, the greater the chances it will break soon. When the tent is not properly closed with the zipper, light and smell will easily leak out from the inside. Look for easy-to-use zippers that enable convenient entry and maintenance. 

4. Frame Strength

Lights, fans, filters, and other pieces of equipment inside the grow tent must be supported by a sturdy frame. The last thing you want to happen is for the frame to collapse and damage your plants. You want to make sure that the entire structure is properly installed and stable before starting the grow operation. The most durable materials used for frames are metal or heavy plastics, therefore look for those when you buy. 

5. Ventilation 

How air will flow and where it exhausts is another very important matter to take care of in a grow tent. Look for tents that come in with multiple ventilation ducts and fittings, with options for both intake and exhaust. These ports enable a more efficient air exchange, and also help with regulation of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels inside the tent. With good ventilation in the tent, it’s also easier to manage the odor and prevent the appearance of mold

6. Accessibility and Organization 

Well-designed grow tents allow for a simplified cultivation process, meaning the space in the tent is solidly organized and accessible. Look for grow tents with large doors and multiple access points. If there are zippers, they should be easy to use. The inside should make optimal use of hanging bars, mesh pockets and shelves that will help you keep the equipment and supplies shipshape. 

7. Compatibility with Other Features

Choose a grow tent that is compatible with the systems and tech you intend to use for growing cannabis. How your tent looks may largely depend on whether you utilize hydroponics or automated growing systems. For example, with hydroponics in place, it’s necessary to look for tents that provide enough access points for tubing, wires and reservoirs, so that you can actually set up the hydroponic system. If the tent is incompatible with the system it will be difficult. 

8. Quality Materials 

Of course, everything depends on the budget you have for a grow tent. The idea is to make the most with the money you have. Prices can vary greatly based on material quality, size and additional features. But, bottom line, you should always look for the best material quality and search for the best deals out there. If you are with a limited budget and unable to buy the more expensive stuff, you can check for used parts that are still in good conditions on platforms like GrowBuddy that have dedicated marketplace and forum for growers. 

9. Reputable Brands and User Reviews 

Last but not least, when it comes to choosing a grow tent, it’s also important to research reputable brands and skim through the user reviews. Identify those brands that appear to have a proven quality based on inputs by customers. Some product reviews can be very useful, especially if they are descriptive and tell in detail how the person used the product. This way you can easily find out what is the product best feature and where it can have a problem. Even better if you know other growers personally who can directly share their experience with a certain brand before you decide to buy it. 

Final words

Choosing and setting up a grow tent is an important step for every indoor grower, especially if you look forward to grow cannabis multiple seasons and want the tent to last. Consider various factors such as material quality, frame strength, accessibility points, ventilation points, and more so you create the best environment for your grow operation.  

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