How to Optimize Your Workout With Weed

Soft Secrets
19 Jun 2019
We all love to exercise and work on our bodies, no matter which type of workout that includes. Some of us love yoga, some pilates, while there are people who love weightlifting, CrossFit and other types of sports and activities. On the other hand, you might also like to relax and smoke a joint at home in order to bring a tough day to a conclusion. So what happens if you workout and smoke weed? Science has done its part in researching this combination and how they work together. You might be surprised, but they have managed to debunk that lazy stoner stigma and prove that cannabis can help you improve and optimize your workout routines and performance. So, let’s see how you can benefit from this pair.

Smoking Weed Pre Yoga Workout

Since yoga is an exercise for both your mind and your body, many have acquired this way of life all around the globe. Yoga is all about finding the inner peace and a meditative state which is done through breathing control, physical poses and relaxation as well. So, how does weed fits in this exercise? Well, it turns out that a bit of cannabis combined with yoga exercises can bring many benefits both to your mind and body. By smoking a little weed before your yoga sessions you can push the limits of break the mental and physical barriers, which may have held you back and stopped you from reaching your full potential. smoking weed pre yoga workout Stereotypically, cannabis has been linked with relaxation for decades, but when you combine it with a physical workout that focuses on spiritual awareness, you can feel bliss and relaxation that you never felt before. So, if you are an avid yoga-goer, try mixing it with a bit of marijuana and experience the Zen state you’ve always been looking for, but on a whole new level.

Consuming Cannabis Pre Running Workout

If you occasionally or regularly smoke, you may have found that sometimes the high really gets you focused on some mundane tasks. Some tasks are even easier to perform when high, and you feel more focused and perform better. The same happens when you pair weed and running. Instead of drifting off, your mind will stay focused on running and it will help you push greater distances. When running sober, your feet might hurt or you overall feel tired, but if you run high, weed will take your mind off of the pain and discomfort and let you run long distances with ease. However, you might feel even more comfortable if you invest in quality clothes, sneaker or maybe pick quality running socks from Rockay, too. But overall, weed will help with endurance and feeling less discomfort. You can even try some low-dose edibles before running and see how that turns out. You don’t necessarily have to smoke it. smoking cannabis pre running workout

Smoking Weed Post-Workout

After every great workout session, you have to make sure to have a perfect post-workout. Usually, people go for protein shakes and healthy snacks for post-workout, in order to replenish their muscles and minimize soreness. However, there is another option - weed. Marijuana has in it cannabinoids which work wonders with our endocannabinoid system and bond with cannabinoid receptors, resulting in great medical benefits. So, what makes weed great for post-workout? Well, most research has been done on the benefits of CBD on relaxation. It was proven that CBD has major anti-inflammatory properties and that it can prevent or minimize muscle soreness. Plus, it goes hand in hand with sports-related injuries and minimizes the pain and soothes both your body and mind after a heavy workout session. Keep this in mind after any kind of heavy workout, try it out and maybe it can work wonders for you. smoking weed post workout

Weed is Great for Outdoor Workouts

Working out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to some kind of gym. If you don’t like being at the gym with plenty of other people, especially if you’re going to use weed, maybe you should try outdoor activities then. If you like hiking, walking, and running, you should pair those types of exercises with a bit of cannabis and you will experience this workout session on a whole new level. Since weed is going to keep you focused and it’s going to focus on all of your senses, your jog, walk or hike can be exceptionally amazing. Plus, you have all the other benefits CBD brings. The beauty of nature will become more obvious and more enjoyable when high and it will provide you the endurance and motivation you need in order to push harder or go over longer distances. If you find the right strain of weed it will enhance all of your sense and everything will become more beautiful - flowers will look brighter, birds and insects will sound louder, the sun will shine brighter and you will get to experience our Mother Nature on a whole new level, while getting your daily dose of exercising. There is no need to be scared of weed, especially because it has started to be legalized all around the globe. The stoner stigma is long gone, due to plenty of scientific research and it has been proven that cannabis can help with your workouts and performance. So, find a strain that boosts your mood and energy the best and pair it with your training, no matter what type it is. You will find out how easier the exercises can become and that you are much more focused than when you are working out sober.
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