Growing Big, Clean Purple Punch Buds

Soft Secrets
17 Jun 2021

Few people can resist Purple Punch, the Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain that contains 18-20% THC. It also has around 1% CBD. Purple Punch is perfect for those who look for a strong cerebral and body high.

Most buds glow green, and sometimes they can also glow purple. For the purple to show, particularly if your crops are inside, growers need to lower temperatures at night well below the optimal range. That's something to stimulate cannabis plants to leech anthocyanin, the pigment responsible for purple shading. Fortunately, you don't need to do this if you're growing Purple Punch, the sweet dominant Indica strain that tastes like grapes.

In cannabis plants, anthocyanin acts as a kind of anti-cold an anti-freezing agent. A handful of cannabis strains have a specific genetic make-up that enables the plant to produce enough anthocyanin naturally, without human intervention. But that's not something really to worry about. Growing good quality weed is.

Few people can resist Purple Punch, the Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain that contains 18-20% THC. It also has around 1% CBD. Purple Punch is perfect for those who look for a strong cerebral and body high. Easily available across North America, you can cultivate this strain also in your home garden.

There have been some rumors that Purple Punch was originally grown by Hawaiian breeders at Supernova gardens, however, this story of Purple Punch's beginnings has not been made entirely clear. Despite the mystery, the strain has been mastered by top breeders worldwide, including Jungle boys in LA.

Genetics: perfect cross-breeding of Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple. Purple Punch head high owes to its parent Larry OG and borrows its taste from Granddaddy Purple

Vegetative stage: Five weeks after germination

Flowering stage: Around 60 days

Effects: Euphoria, focus, relaxation, sedation (if taken in larger quantities)

Medical uses: Good for anxiety, reducing stress, and helping with sleep

Taste and flavors: Fruity and sweet, with a rich grape-like taste

Growing difficulty: Medium difficulty. This strain grows best in an outdoor environment where it receives sufficient sunlight. Outdoors, it's ready for harvest around mid or late October. Growing indoors demands plenty of lights. 

Lifestyle: Don't grow it if you are not a fan of sweet strains. Avoid couchlock by avoiding overconsumption.

What Growing Practices to Follow with Purple Punch?

Purple Punch is problematic enough to cultivate, so growers should approach with care. The need for some experience is necessary to handle regulating lights, prevent mold or avoid weak plant constitution. 

Purple Punch strains are keen on sunny, humid climates, so you are one lucky grower if you live in say places like California. In other cases, take the plants inside where you install enough LED lights such as SANlight S4W. You also need a powerful heating system in place. Try to recreate Californian environment conditions so that your Purple Punch beauties can thrive inside. 

The plants can reach up to five feet in height and require constant trimming and pruning to ensure that air and light sufficiently flow through all parts of the plant. 

It takes about 7-8 weeks for flowers to develop, with an anticipated yield of 20-25 ounces per square meter or even much more than that if your plants stay outside.  Purple Punch should give some purple hues naturally, but if you aim for more emphasized purple shadings, expose the plants to cooler than usual temperatures. 

Where Else to Pay Attention?

Thanks to its genetics, Purple Punch is resilient to mildew and mites, although plants can suffer from caterpillars and mold. This is one of your greatest concerns if you are growing outdoors. Tools like CleanLight Pro can help mold prevention. 

Hand-water the plants and aim for temperatures between 66 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (19-28°C), and air humidity in the range of 40-60%. You want to use 3-gallon pots for each crop and mixed soil solutions that have all ingredients for the plant to feed. 

Use other solutions such as organic bloom liquids to support fertilization as well as additives and stimulants to get bigger and cleaner buds. 

Happy growing!

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