German Man Arrested in Russia for Gummies Possession

Stephen Andrews
15 Feb 2024

A German citizen has been arrested at the airport in St. Petersburg, after a package of cannabis-laced gummy bears were found in his luggage. The case has reminded everyone of the recent Griner’s affair where the famous basketball player spent months in Russian prison after cannabis vapes were discovered in her possession.

A 38-year-old man from Germany could face years in prison as well as paying a hefty fine, after cannabis gummies were discovered in his travel luggage. THC is strictly prohibited in Russia.    

The German national was stopped at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport after flying from Hamburg via Istanbul, according to a report from Deutsche Welle.

The German Foreign Ministry confirmed the arrest on Wednesday, Feb. 14. “I can confirm that we are aware of the case and that it concerns a German national,” a spokesperson from the ministry said. 

“The Russian authorities reported the arrest to our consulate general, so we are providing consular assistance to the detainee,” he said. 

Customs officials allegedly found six pieces of THC-infused gummy bears in a Fink Green Goldbears package. The edibles had pungent smell according to the officials. The presence of THC in the gummies was allegedly confirmed with a quick test. 

“The man explained that he bought the bears in his home country and usually consumes them during flights for a restful sleep,” Russia’s Federal Customs Service reportedly said in a Telegram statement. 

The German man was on his way to meet a female friend with whom he maintained an online communication, according to the Russian officials. 

He has been quoted in local media as saying that he had never had any issues at customs for bringing in gummies in other countries. 

However, the Russian authorities are now accusing him for trying to smuggle edibles. A criminal case has been opened against the German national, and he faces up to seven years in prison and a fine of up to 1 million rubles (US$10,920). 

U.S. basketball player Brittney Griner was arrested on similar charges back in 2022. After Griner was found in possession of cannabis vape cartridges upon landing in Moscow, a case was opened against her which resulted in a nine-year prison sentence.

After months of negotiation between U.S. and Russian authorities, Griner was successfully swapped in a prisoner exchange and brought back home to her wife and family. 

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