Chasing a Dream: Integrating Cannabis Into Your Lifestyle

Stephen Andrews
12 Jul 2021

There must be more in life than just hating Mondays and waiting for the weekend so you can roll into it like you you roll your big fat favorite Friday night joint.

Boring 9-to-5 routine can kill the joy of life, at least until the afternoon when you can light up one and relieve all the stress that comes from the struggle to figure out how to move on with your life. If this is your pain, and if you are already into cannabis, you can actually integrate cannabis in your day in day out. Not only for fun but for finding some more meaning in life too. 

What does it mean for you?

You probably have to deal with two big things as you make your steps to integrate cannabis as part of your life. First is coming out of the "green closet" and telling your friends and family that you will do something about cannabis, whatever that is. 

Although nowadays the public is more approving of cannabis use more than at any other point in the past, there are still those who frown upon the second the word marijuana is mentioned. Just like auntie Marrie who still lives with a 1950s mindset. 

Coming out of the closet takes some courage. Social pressure can crush and munch. It's all the easier if ma and pa are cool with it. But if you want to fully embrace your new life where you could even earn money from cannabis, you may want to confront any disapproving person, no matter how close they are to you. 

Second, it's legalization. It can be a big change if you live in a state where marijuana and the products aren't legalized. If you don't want to wait until it becomes legal, you might need to board the plane and move to a state where you actually have the freedoms to do whatever you want to do. 

The transition could be a contemplative experience. Figuring out where you stand: between Mary Jane veterans or library/computer nerds who find having a glass of wine on Monday night a bit extreme. 

Alternatively, if you are based in a state where regulations are a setback and you cannot move out at the moment, you can perhaps join advocacy groups. The bids are enormous here as well. You can enter the annals of history and be remembered as the person who chose the right side in your town. Protest your way with a chair in front of the local city hall — the more artistic you are, the more attention to the cause you are backing up. 

In a perfect world, you are lucky to live in a place where Mary Jane is now legal and also praised. There won't be any significant change as you come out. It would be like changing a diet, going vegan for instance. All of your friends and family live there to support you, the system is on your side, and you live the dream. Open a business or become an advocate who works hard for marijuana to become legal on a federal level. 

How far can you go?

Blogs and vlogs. Daily skincare routines. Cannabis-influenced music blog. Knitting bags and other accessories made of hemp. All up for it. Cannabis book club—ok, not that far, but it's a matter of time. 

Newbies into the cannabis world have more opportunities than ever to build a brand or spread their mission. With social media on the roll, it's easy to reinvent your public image and become, unapologetically, your own superhero.  

For those charismatic, launching a podcast could really work well and can be lucrative too. Suppose you are more into writing—start a blog already.

Cannabis kitchen is a thing now, and you can specialize from cannabis cocktails to exotic cuisine that involves more than pasta or brownies. Just spice things up.

If you can help others and advocate for the medical benefits of marijuana, always try to have relevant research and experienced experts from their field. And no, an experienced expert is not Josh from next door, who has smoked a field of joint with a size of half Texas. Although Josh can probably tip you off with valuable information on different cannabis strains.

No matter how enthusiastic you are about this issue, try to be well-intended, balanced, and honest. Making memes about how going to work is for losers will not help. 

Going strong: starting your business

Something that started as a joke or hobby can quickly transform into a lucrative business that brings you new contacts and prospects, a small fortune, and perhaps a little bit of fame. 

It could be your home mini grow room where you planted up to six plants, enough so that you can learn how cannabis plants live and breathe. Years later, it can be a legal plantation that supplies local and regional dispensaries. 

For this type of effort, it does take a well-prepared business plan. Ask the right questions. Don't get stuck in the administrative labyrinth or, even worse, losing your finances because of bad planning. Legislation, human resources, finances: good time management comes really handy here.

When the business grows bigger, a good team that shares the same ideology as you, could be the key. And when you become successful one day, you can always return to auntie Marrie, who repeatedly told you marijuana would ruin your life. Buy her some Pina colada as you take her to a fancy restaurant downtown. Even better if you can get her high on some nice White Widow. 

Stephen Andrews