CBD Could Help Anxious Pets Over The Holidays

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01 Jan 2024

Holidays that involve festive firework displays are always a worry for those who keep pets around their household. Since legalization started, many owners are exploring if CBD solutions might help their anxious pet friends get over the trouble of loud firework festivities. More than that, fireworks can have negative effect on the entire wildlife.

Sudden, explosive sounds along with bright and flashy lights can seriously stress out certain pets, causing panic, anxiety and a range of other side effects. Pet owners repeatedly try to raise awareness of this issue in their communities, but the tradition of fireworks at least for holidays such as New Year's Eve or 4th of July will hardly ever go away. So, people have to get creative and try to find workable and safe ways how to protect their furry, scaled or feathered friends. 

CBD Treatments Increasingly Common in Households with Pets

It’s well known that CBD and THC can be paired to combat the effect of anxiety, depression, mood disorders and other related conditions in humans. Therefore, it's no surprise that pet owners are turning to cannabinoids as one possible solution to help their animal companions for the same health problems.  

Some of the busiest periods of the year for veterinary services are around holidays such as New Year and 4th of July. The reason for this is firework traditions, which cats and dogs for example may find it particularly disturbing, experiencing panic and rapid heartbeats from all the bangs. Animal rescues and shelters routinely note an increase of runaway pets during these two holidays as some pets do know to run off out of scare from the noise. 

Emergency veterinarians have further noted an increase in the number of pets being treated for THC intoxication, the symptoms of which can involve dizziness, disorientation and vomiting. Intoxication often happens when the pet unwittingly gulps down their owner's stash. But in the case of companies that produce goods for animals, the focus is Cannabidiol or CBD. 

Another issue that comes up when assessing the effectiveness of cannabis-based products in treating pets is that there is lack of information on what is a safe dose for every animal. But there are some basic dosing rules. For cats and dogs it's 1-5 mg CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight

When infusing a dose it's also important to remember that cats are a lot more sensitive to a variety of chemicals and are not as resilient as dogs. Your cat can start to behave strangely simply by inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke and that's an obvious signal how sensitive these purring friends can be. Still, a lot more investigation needs to be done in this direction, especially for determining safe doses for each species independently.

If you consider to treat your pet with cannabis in times for the big holidays, make sure that the doses you use and try out are really really small. Don't give them THC but simply a small amount of CBD, or best of all, if you are not sure what to do and you are expecting a days filled with bursts and illuminations ahead, call your vet and ask for guidance. 

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