Best HHC Disposable Vape Pen and Cartridge in Europe

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09 Jan 2023

Famous alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8 and Delta 10 are so well-known by most cannabis users, however, as these cannabinoids are facing uncertain futures in Europe, HHC is now being more and more popular in the market since it’s not an isomer of traditional delta 9 THC. Since the new trend, HHC vape pen is becoming one of the fast-growing cannabis products, providing discreet and portability. We have explored the secret of HHC and researched what HHC vape pen brands have a good reputation in the market. Let’s check the guide to help you make a better decision for the HHC vaping!

What is HHC and why is it becoming trending?

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinoid) is a hydrogenated form of THC, by using the hydrogenation process THC‘s double chemical structure is broken and hydrogen replaces it. This change makes HHC have a more stable structure than most other common cannabinoids, it means HHC can be stored longer and can be more highly resistant to heat and UV light. However, extracting HHC is very difficult and only seldom labs supply it, so HHC’s production is less than delta 8 and the price is much higher than delta 8. This is why HHC is becoming popular but hasn't been sold by many brands.

As consumer’s feedbacks, HHC has more gentle effects than delta 9 but stronger than delta 8. So, it’s good for beginners who haven’t accessed the cannabis world before. The most common and fastest way to absorb HHC is vaping via HHC disposable vape pens or HHC cartridges. However, research shows HHC has higher boiling point 

than other common cannabinoids, so HHC always needs a higher quality device to vape.

What should you know about buying safe HHC vape pens?

As HHC became popular, lots of imitations or fake HHC vape pens would also appear in the Europe market. It’s difficult for both beginners and experienced users to recognize safe HHC vaporizers from so many HHC brands. So, checking lab testing reports is the best way to help consumers recognize trustworthy HHC vaporizers. For instance, some untested vape pen might contain detrimental pesticides or residual solvents. Problems like this happened many years ago, dishonest traders were adding Vitamin E into THC extracts for gaining supernormal profit, and this behavior threatens many people’s health and safety, leads to lung disease and even death. So, you’d best to check a brand’s lab testing results before you buy any kind HHC products

Choose best HHC vape cartridge to avoid oil leakage

Like vaping THC, oil-leaking is the most common issue and usually makes users feel annoying. The cost of HHC distillate and isolation is so expensive and users don’t wanna waste their money to buy a bad product and experience. So, CILICON’s Mash Y 510 cartridge is the best choice for users to vaping HHC, it reduces 98% risks of oil leakage by using oil isolation system. When the newest heating coil Formatrix™ is heating, Mash Y produces smooth, huge and warm vapors and bring users with the most extraordinary vaping experience.



  • 0.5ml and 1.0ml for choosing
  • extraordinary vaping experience
  • very tiny size and light to carry
  • Medical-level materials avoid risks from heavy mental
  • Oil isolation technology prevents oil leaking
  • Formatrix™ heating technology
  • Differ from the common, stylish design
  • Not only white or blacks, more colors can be chosen for bulk orders
  • Very easy to filling oil and capping


  • must combining with a 510 battery to vape
  • No everyone likes round mouthpiece

Recommend top HHC disposable vape pens to prevent clogging and spit-back

Delta 8 has taken the vaping world by storm and disposable vape pen have high popularity because of their extreme portability, convenience, and smooth experience. If you are an experienced user of delta 8 vape pens, you might be familiar with SOLO which is the top-selling disposable vape pen in delta 8 market 2021, up to 15 million pcs. Solo is the first-generation rechargeable disposable vape pen in the market. It gains numerous 5-stars feedback from users. It has been upgraded with more features now for bringing the best experience to consumers. The most noteworthy feature is that the new SOLO series is equipped with the BioBaleen™ System to prevent spitting issues.

Moreover, SOLO series offer different tank capabilities and sizes of intake holes to let them adapt a variety of viscosity from very thin to very thick, so whatever oil type you got, SOLO series is always your best choice of disposable vape pen. And the most important feature of upgraded SOLO is dual airflow! Clogging is another common problem during vaping cannabis oil, and dual airflow perfectly tackles this problem without extra button design. It keeps integrated design and allows consumers vaping HHC or THC without pressing something. That’s why SOLO’s series always gain positive reviews and become more and more trending in HHC vaping brands.



  • Very smooth vaping experience
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Well-reputation in cannabis vaping market
  • BioBaleen™ System to avoid spitback
  • Dual-airflow to prevent clogging
  • 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 2.0ml and 3.0ml to adapt to different vaping experience
  • can be recharged ensures vaping to the last drop
  • Adapt to different viscosities of cannabis oil
  • Oil-window can be customized


  • Larger capability has larger size, might not fit in small hand
  • Too popular means too common in the market
  • not type-c charger

Lit it up! A powerful HHC disposable vape likes a small rocket

Unlike most disposable vape pens in the alternative cannabinoids vaping market, ELEV Bar1 is a disposable vaporizer with a 360° oil window. This design lets users observe their oil quality and situation at any time to not only know their oil status, but also prevent vaping with dry burnt taste. Overburning usually happens when users last vaping more than 10s or even longer at a time. Since cannabis oils are lazy-flow, oil might not flow inside the heating coil immediately when oil in the ceramic coil is run out. Then, overburning brings bad taste and might harm your health. ELEV Bar1 adopt a larger heating coil and more intake holes, and the heating coil can store more oil and the oil inside can be heated evenly to reduce threat from overburning. Moreover, the Formatrix™ heating technology produces smooth vapors and brings natural taste to elevate your vaping experience. What's the editor's first choice for HHC disposable vape?



  • 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 2.0ml and 3.0ml to fit different needs
  • 360° oil window to catch each change of oil
  • easy to grip and hide it in hands, just like a pen in hand
  • adapt different viscosities of cannabis oil
  • using USB charger ensures vaping to the last drop


  • 3ml is longer than usual HHC disposable vape pen
  • might charge more times to ensure vaping the last drop for big capability
  • not type-c charger

There are a huge variety of cannabis vape devices available at Cilicon, you can find the one to suit your brand's style of vaping, from cannabis 510 cartridges, disposable vape pen to unique-designed cannabis pod system and 510 thread battery. From what we have discussed in this article, if you're looking for the best vape devices for HHC vaping, CILICON is a good brand you should visit and connect with. Moreover, CILICON provides the latest technology information for cannabis vaping and always takes their eyes to find the next trend of the market. To explore more about CILICON technologies and trends on the market, please visit CILICON's website at https://www.ciliconplus.com/.


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